Monday, March 27, 2023

Monday MOMday

As I 'eggspected' to see SUNday morning - WE HAVE EGG #1 -
Her behavior as I watched Saturday night - for several hours - had me pretty sure there was an egg - or soon would be an egg -

She stayed close to The Nest Box whilst at The PF Palace ledge -
SUNday evening -
Nice day - or so it looked from TheSofaShift - 62 as I put this together at 645pm -
Now for MY Saturday 'venture to Lydian Stone Brewing - the wet weather wasn'y conducive to their outdoor options - 
Their beer and alcohol corner - AND the container on the one shelf let me know they are DOG FRIENDLY - just outside of course -
I wish I had gotten a better picture of it - but I didn't know the whole story at the time - but there is a BOOK section in the side room back there - MariaTheIncredibleBeertender has that to honor her mom - an avid reader as is Maria -
That is the entrance I used - it is at the side deck - but whilst there, both entrances were equally utilized -
How I wish I had seen the picture of the ChickenParm whilst I was there - I might have gotten an order to do -
My flight - Maria organized them as she suggested I drink them - and added the small one on the right based upon my choices - and when I said I would be blogging about it - she made sure to include the glass in the background of the shot -
I got a fish taco and a pulled pork one - and Chef Nick put the kimchi on the side - both were SO good - it was a challenge to stop at just the two but I did -
In addition to a half pour of Cholocate Coffee Hazelnut Milk Stout I got - and assorted samples and Maria's creations, my 'big beer' was this one -
The Enforcer - their Police/K9 Fundraiser Brew - it was FURRY nice - in fact, two of the other patrons - khool story -they were in town because friends&family surprised a couple for a 15th anniversary by flying in family&friends for the weekend - well, the that commented how good it looked - and I let them taste it - they were from FlorieDuh - they brewed their own beer - with quite the set up - and she was also a vet - 
I also chatted with The Brewmaster throughout my time there - again, just a nice time!
And just because...


I so wish Auntie Di had gone along BUT she WILL go the next time - I know she would have had fun too - Maria was so much fun - and a TWO TIME CANCER SURVIVOR - and made sure to hug everyone when they left - plus, her drink combinations are SO GOOD!

Yep - great day - and yes close -MapQuest says SIX miles!

I KNOW I'll be going back soon - maybe even this Saturday!

AND yes, Willow and I did our SofaShift - easypeasy day!

Happy Monday EvFURRYone!

All Of Us At NAK's Khottage
Now With KhattleDog!

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Duke said...

Mom says that Chocolate Coffee Hazelnut Milk Stout sounds pretty tasty to her. Happy Monday!