Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Tuesday Telling

I did check the PF Palace camera feed as I staged this - no egg although Lady PF is in the scape box now - funny thing, my FB memories from March 15 2011 had THREE eggs  - ah yes, Nature!

A new entry on The Falcon Wire

3/15/2021  ::   The latest from the ledge, with many thanks to our Watch and Rescue team!
Observations from this morning showed 85/AK interacting with the long-time female, 48 A/E. The fluid situation that began at the end of last week seems to be settling in with 85 A/K and 48 A/E as the mating pair for 2021. This should ensure that reproduction continues at the Rachel Carson State Office Building (RCSOB) nest site.
During the transition from the long-time male W/V to 85/AK, the Falcon Watch and Rescue Team rapidly jumped into action, spending two days observing the situation on the 15th floor ledge. Those members deserve a giant "Thank You" for their efforts! Two long-time Falcon Watch and Rescue volunteers, Sue Hannon and Jane Barnette, deserve special recognition for their time and energy monitoring a situation that was quite emotional for both. As the spring continues with the laying and hatching of eggs, this remarkable group of volunteers will hopefully begin Falcon Watch and Rescue sometime in early June as the young falcons begin to fledge.

Watching as her mama left - 'pretending' to be sad -

Do you think she'll believe me?
As mentioned yesterday, it didn't take long for window chair time!

SUNday bedime - she stayed for about a half hour - after that, not sure where she spent the rest of the slumber - but suspect one of the chairs, the wall spot, or the doggy bed -
I asked in the morning but she wasn't talking!

As for our day?
Well - WALK!
Yes, The Khondo Route Walk - might be some pictures tomorrow ;-)

And me?
I was bummed - Dawn's isn't doing the Shepherds' Pie until Wednesday - they just put it out there as a teaser shot - so, save for the walk, I didn't leave The Khottage- BUT there will be a flight to The Hive today - and a short ROTE to MyGiant but probably not another walk -The Babblers are using the WET word- but we'll see - 

Happy Tuesday EvFURRYone!

All Of Us At NAK's Khottage

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Molly the Airedale said...

You look so comfy in that chair, Emmy. We missed our walk yesterday. The temps were single digits at 7 am and mom pooped out on me. Hopefully, it won't happen again today. Happy Tuesday!