Saturday, December 26, 2015

Saturday Sharing

 Yep - it SO looked like Khristmas on FrEYEday!

 Shortly after this frame, he took off - maybe he went to find some snow!
 This was what we were greeted with FrEYEday morning -
 Now from KHATurday from earlier in the week - SUNday when we went to TADN's - HE was chilling next door until he saw and heard Mom put out food and water - he played shy at furst ;-)

 She told him it was the least he khould do to earn his kibble - POSE BroFur!
 Bakhk when Angel Titus was still around, he asked fur my address to send a khard - I pawed it bakhk but told him only if he made sure not to send any KHAT KHOOTIES - each year since, we've gotten a khard - Angel T's mom asked fur the new address and made sure to send some this year!
 One fur Holly and one fur ME!
 This was from one of our walks earlier in the month - as Mom termed it ZombieLoonLand
 Yep - Khristmas
 The Zombies were alive on our walk - one of us might have barked at them - and both of us might have been a bit taken-a-bakhk!
Of khourse, another one of us might have shot a video - we hope you'll enjoy it - 

It was a nice relaxing day - we opened some pressies - and khards - took some pikhturs so we khan share what we got one day next week - we helped Mom make dinner - and I even got to sit out in the RAIN after dinner - of khourse, I was pretending it was SNOW!

We might ask our Golden Khousins to help with SUNday's post - Mom is going to The GKP fur much of the day - I'm pretty sure Bentley and Emmy will gladly help paw something in to place!

Happy Saturday EvFURRYone!


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Molly the Airedale said...

We just loved Santa's stuck legs flailing in the breezes outside the igloo ☺
We had fog for our Christmas walk yesterday too. Gosh, do you think we'll ever get snow this year, Khyra?

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly