Friday, December 14, 2012

FrEYEday SkEYEday Free Fur All

 Hopping HOWLidays!
 Monday ROTE
 Khonfused fur sure!
 We parked next to them at BJ's - and if woo look at The Zen-terra, would khan see me!
 A neighbor on the next street as this on their front door - she had been kind enough to let us borrow this furry khool book - so we stopped by to return it - she had told us she sits next to the one of the humans that khreated it when she goes to THOSE BLUE AND WHITE KHYTTY games in Happy Valley

Here is a pikh Khousin Merdie sent of Jaden, Khrazy Harley, and Brandon

Now to get them to snag a shot of her in front of it!

Happy FrEYEday EvFURRYone!



bichonpawz said...

Hi there Khyra! Love this set of pictures!! The skies are so pretty! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

Fr. Tom Fishworthy said...

Harley looks like our Trapper. Very nice pic, Khyra!

A very festive post!

Merry Christmas,
Tom, the mom & kitties

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

I do believe that the BEAUTY BERRIES cancel out those SNOWMEN.

Two French Bulldogs said...

So cute. We think we see you in your Tera
Benny & Lily

Tama-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

A Harley sandwich!!!

Your weather looks better than ours. It poured so much today that I didn't even get one proper run. That is highly unusual!

That book came up on our amazon recommendations page!


KB said...

Oh what beautiful skies!