Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Tuesday Telling

 SUNny Monday morning from The PF Palace -

 Flap Flap again!
Guess The Kids have been reading and sharing the Falcon Wire post from last week

5/30/2019  ::   A Vulnerable Time
With fledging a matter of days away, the young falcons are roaming closer to the edge of the 15th floor ledge. For those that have been following FalconCam, the amount of growth and change in feathers is hard to miss. As they approach fledging, notice the increased winging. Winging is the correct term for when the birds are flapping their wings. They are building up their flight muscles. Another sign which indicates fledging has arrived is when the adults begin withholding food. They will try to entice the young with flybys while holding food. This behavior has yet to be observed. Falcon Watch and Rescue was originally scheduled to begin Saturday, June 1, but with the young straying further from the nest box, Falcon Watch and Rescue will begin tomorrow, a day early. 
Falcon Watch and Rescue is a key reason why the survival rate of fledglings from this nest is so strong. By keeping an eye on the young birds as they attempt their first flights, volunteers can monitor, and if necessary, rescue the fledglings if they get into a circumstance in which they are stuck. Volunteers are welcome to join the Falcon Watch and Rescue by contacting Kathleen Banski at kbanski@pa.gov.
 Khousin B

 The Khrazy Folks - 
 Brandon The Graduation with PopHennel ;-)
'B'orrowed from B's Grandmom Pam's FB page last week - AND, Brandon did get a WOOF SHOUTOUT from his school for his never missing a day during his FoUR years of high school!!!
B is going to do two years at PSU here in York - then he plans to transfer to the main campus in State College - we wish him ALL THE FURRY BEST!

Happy Tuesday EvFURRYone!

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Molly the Airedale said...

Congratulations to Brandon and to never miss a school day in 4 years - WOW!
Love the family portrait!