Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tuesday Telling

 Furst, those birds!

 Skhratching.....Mom skhratches too when she watches...OH THE FLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Since it was 90+ in PAWSylvania, The PF's were pretty hot too!
 Now, I'm turning this ovFUR to Mom...
 Thanks Khyra - I'm repeating the shot of  the then Mackee from one of his TN stops on Saturday - 
 This was also from his weekend - he surely was a very poor traveler - HA!!!
 Now for my time with him - we got to Hagerstown at the very same moment - his driver Edith was in front of me at the traffic light to get to the McD's!
 After seeing the shots, I realized I need to clean the BlackBerry lens - sorry....

 Getting ready to roll - one more stop until he met his NEW MOM AND DAD!!!


 Out my window as we headed North - by this time, Mackee had moved to the middle and was snoozing directly behind me - he stared there until we got to Harrisburg 
 Oh for just a bit more daylight - I had to use NIGHT mode - but you'll get the idea - JACKSON's first walk with his mom Colleen -

 Colleen Jackson and Dad Eric!
 He was a Dave Matthews Fan!
 Harrisburg by night - I put the window down and just winged it ;-)
 Monday morning I took a shot with Khyra and the towel 'Mackee' had used as part of his journey to become JACKSON!

 NOW for the dedication part - meet MR MOLSON -
CAPTAIN MOLSON as he fulfills one of the items on his bucket list - 

One of our local television stations shared his tale - I realized I passed his dad's office each day on my commute to The GKP - and as you'll hear in the video, I wasn't sure if I would dedicate the transport leg to anyone - but as I headed South on I81, I got an email about another entry being available on his blog - and I thought THAT'S IT - we'll dedicate the leg to MR MOLSON - especially since those Golden Retriever Khousins were visiting Khamp Khyra for the weekend - 

In looking over his bucket list, I see one of his unfulfilled items is meeting a famous animal - maybe Khyra - AKA MissFluffyTail can be that for him!

Oh Big C -how we hate you - too many furiends have made premature trips to The Rainbow Bridge -

Jackson's humans had COCKER SPANIELS - in fact, they said they had recently lost a black and white one - Holly's dad was a B&W.  In exchanging emails with his foster mom, she shared he was a special needs canine - he had some muscle wasting disease - and was a mess when she got him three months ago - well, having met him, I'd say she done a PAWSOME job of making a fantastic canine!  She listed him - expected little response - but Colleen and Eric fell in love and could not wait to meet him - and although he didn't know it, he had a Cocker brother waiting too!

BIG HUG FOR MELINDE - you done good as they say - but you REALLY didn't need to share that Texas weather!

As we talked before they pulled away, all of a sudden Jackson went on FULL alert - he was sitting in their Murano - well, we looked and saw a deer walking along the top of the hill just above where I took the pictures - too funny - and too special to see!

Jackson is actually going to be living 'kind of close' to where my North bound Brittany transports go - so many pieces of a cog meshing for this one - but as all know, my mantra is THINGS HAPPEN FOR REASONS - and for this week, it is Mackee Jackson and his incredible journey from TX to PA!

Khyra will return tomorrow - I think she'll probably continue to share the fun khamp times - but that is for her to decide!

Happy Tuesday EvFURRYone!

Khyra's Mom Phyll
PeeEssWoo: We'll share this with Mr Molson and Mackee's Transport List when the post publishes!


Timothy Griffin said...

Thanks for sharing Mister Molson's story!
Dogs bring so many blessing to our lives.
Keep up the great work you are doing in caring for your fur-legged frineds and helping tell their stories!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Handsome Mackee/Jackson and thanks to you for helping him on his way. Off to read about Mister Molson. We know all too well about that evil C.

Woos - Lightning and Misty