Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Watchin' & Walkin' Wednesday

Lady PF is watchin' -

And we were walkin' - this was SUNday -

And Monday -

Thanks Molly for letting us know this is a Rose of Susan - I mean SHARON!

Little says she knows why the khaged marigold blooms - 
Tuesday's walk was PAWESOME!!!!!!!!!
Little waiting for TOAST!

Tuesday was an Auntie Di morning - and visit to Dad - then some Auntie and Little time - then some ROTE to CVS and MyGiant - then Bobcat Creamery for lunch - then a nice visit with our friend - then laundry - then THE DEEP BREATH to be ready for the months ahead -

The front part of the week 'me' - or am I the back of the week 'her'  - has started her disability leave for her knee - I was already going in 'early' today - and will be sticking to the 930am or so timeframe BUT now I'll be doing SUNdays - and early Wednesdays until she returns - I so hope it all goes well for her!  I wished her well and wrote HURRY BACK!

More sharing here tomorrow!

Happy Wednesday EvFURRYone!

All Of Us At NAK's Khottage
PeeEssWoo: Now time for the feeding of the kibble!

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Molly the Airedale said...

You found a double Rose of Sharon. They are so pretty! You are such a wonderful friend and always so helpful to so many♥