Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yes Mango!

My VERY large furiend Mango khommented about the PF's! And I want to tell him that his mom was khorrekht! It was Silver Girl to furst make the leap of falkhon faith today!
If anyone would like to see more pikhks and khommentary of how the day went, please khlikhk here.
It will take you to the message board for June 10th - those that watch AND live khlose by have way more info than I khan khommunikhate!
Paws khrossed for safe flights!
PeeEssWoo: Please also khross your paws for a furiend of my mom. Her husband is having some surgery on Wednesday and we need it to go well for him! SibeVibes going out to OP, Kansas. She was the nice lady that sent me my newest khuz and the new brush that has made me even more beeWOOtiful than I already was!


Sparky said...


I guess the Falcons are starting to fly already! That's GRRRReat to hear... Man, they grow so fast...

We will be praying for your friend and her husband... I really hope everything goes well...


Lorenza said...

I will have my paws crossed your your mom's friend and her husband!
I am sure everything will go well with his surgery!
Kisses and hugs

Joe Stains said...

we will send LOTS of great vibes to the humans and to those cute birdies venturing from the nest!

Holly said...

They are looking less ugly, finally.

BTW, can we please have some pics of you? All these pics of birds just makes me hungry.

I'm just sayin'


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh I hope your mom's friend and her husband will be ok. Paws crossed for them

~ Girl girl

Tucker said...

We're hoping good things for your mom's friends!

Indy said...

I will send out good thoughts for your mom's friend!

Wow, big birdie! Think he'd want to play with me? Maybe we could send him to the vet office where that nasty cat is!

The Army of Four said...

Still praying here. Hope we get some encouraging news soon!
PS: I like Indy's idea about one of those birdies taking care of his KHAT problem! :)