Saturday, July 4, 2020

Saturday Sharing

 From the latest Falcon Wire -

7/2/2020  ::   Healthy Development
Both juvenile falcons continue to fly beautifully, extending the distance of their flights across Southcentral Pennsylvania. During these flights they continue to further develop their hunting skills as well. One Watch and Rescue volunteer has also witnessed the mid-air transfer of prey. These are all positive signs of healthy development. All of this is in preparation for dispersal, which should occur late this summer. At that point, the young peregrine falcons will be on their own. The question is, when these individual birds reach reproductive maturity, where will they eventually nest? Previous offspring have stayed within the Commonwealth, while others ended up in Delaware and into Ohio. Whether they stay within the state or eventually settle elsewhere, they will continue to add to the peregrine falcon population that at one time was decimated from the use of DDT.
 Two from my trek to MyGiant earlier in the week -
 This one just WOOFED Molly The AIRedale!
 Last Saturday night I spied with my little eye 
 BunnyFooFoo munching on our serious khlover khrop - during the week, one was just dining on our patio - SO intent on enjoying all they could - go for it!

This forecast was enough for me to switch on The Magic Khanine Khool Machine - I tried to make it to last year's July 9th but not quite - 

Happy Saturday EvFURRYone!

If you are celebrating WOOly FoURth, please do it safely!

Me?  Off to The GKP -

All Of Us At NAK's Khottage

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