Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Watchin'Workin'Wingin' Wednesday

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 Workin' -

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6/2/2020  ::   Watch and Rescue Update
Following the rescue performed late Sunday, Falcon Watch and Rescue for the past two days was initially uneventful. The falcon that first fledged is flying beautifully as his landings improve. It won't be long before this falcon starts to successfully take prey on its own. Today, it barely missed a very "lucky" mourning dove.
The second bird that fledged is still at the rehabilitator. Red Creek Wildlife Center enjoys a well-earned reputation as a quality wildlife rehabilitator, and since they suggest that this particular falcon will benefit from some additional recuperation time, that is course DEP is following. The primary concern surrounds the concussion this bird suffered. At last report, this falcon is in good physical health and we anticipate it will be ready for release in another day or so.
That leaves the third young falcon, which finally fledged today at 3:15 pm! Though the flight to the top of Harrisburg University was a short one, it was far from graceful. Fortunately, it is in a safe location and was even joined by the other fledgling!

 Down to The BobKHat Creamery for Tuesday's foodables -

 Little and I had walked here in early April when they were selling gift cards - and then a few weeks ago, they announced on their Facebook Page they were going to have to close - the community came to their defense - even starting a GoFundMe to do what could be done to keep them open - it was one of THOSE spots for all - school students worked there - sports' teams met there for ice cream - and other support - and after some days of pondering and asking all if they could be counted on to patronize them , Brian and Wendy decided to try to re-open - which they have with different hours and for now, a limited menu -they reopened this past Friday and had a great re-entry - so I decided to go there Tuesday - their new hours will be Tuesday thru Saturday -
Grilled cheese and cream of crab soup - YUMMMERS!!!
Can't wait to go back next Tuesday - already eyeing up my next choices!

As for back, time to go back to my workin' - so all can expect the next line


Happy Wednesday EvFURRYone!

All Of Us At NAK's Khottage

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Molly the Airedale said...

Bless you for helping to keep BobCat Creamery open. The foodables look delicious!