Thursday, April 2, 2020

Thursday Thinking

 Lord PF in his Wed AM Point Spot -

 Just a skEYE shot -
 Yep...Lord PF back on point in the PM ;-)
BUT there was SOME excitement at The PF on Wednesday - here is the latest Falcon Wire entry
4/1/2020  ::   Crows on the Ledge
Early this morning, around 20 crows were on the 15th floor ledge. The American crow is a notorious nest raider. With W/V on a different night perch, we suspect the crows felt emboldened to be on the ledge. 48 A/E did the right thing by staying on the nest! Had she attempted to chase these crows away, she would have put the unprotected eggs at risk. We suspect that had W/V been present, the situation would have been different. A few years ago, a crow landed on the ledge while W/V was present and that crow was quickly killed. Look for W/V to keep these crows away with his mere presence. Predators and predation are functions of the food chain and are normal situations encountered by all types of wildlife. So far, the RCSOB falcons reacted well by staying on the nest. Hopefully, W/V will spend more time on the ledge to protect the nest site. DEP will continue to monitor the situation.
 From Tuesday's visit to Auntie Di and Khousin E with one of the treats I took her -

 Thinking that was tasty -
 Dreaming about more of 'em - which she did get on Wednesday!
 Little dreaming of hers - she gets one every few days or so -
Yep - we know what you are thinking Little - and we don't want to hear you bark those HBO words!

Happy Thursday EvFURRYone!

All Of Us At NAK's Khottage

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