Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sunday Sharing

Happy HOWLidays EvFURRYone
Flat George had noticed this pikh on my laptop when he was visiting - that's why he wanted to pose with Frankie's pal!

This one is fur my pal Jack a Roo -I'm sure his sisFUR Moo would eat this one on him!

Look at what I found from my furst or sekhond khristmas - it was leftovFUR antlers from The GOOD Dog Merdie - of khourse, the banding wasn't so tight any more and bekhame a kind of difFURent khollar!

My tasty meal fur later today

Sorry - the photographer needs some remedial work but since she was about to take me on my sekhond walk - and the long one too - I khut her a break

I wonder if that kibble maker has khonsidered other ingredients to khomplement the TurDukhkEn

Like Froggeh


Tree Lobstah!!!

The Doggy Nanny and Fred join me - and my fluffy tail of khourse - in thanking all of woo fur the pawesome greetings and fantastikh khards!!!

We had decided when the various khard lists were being exchanged that our khard - so to woof - would be a greeting HERE - and the green paper$ we would have spent on khards and stamps would go to some worthy furiendly khauses - little did we expekht it to be The Houston Pittie Pack - and we also surprised two other pals with something they weren't expekhting -

After all, THAT is one of the joys of the season - although Mom and I still wonder why being nice has to only happen at this time of the year - why not all the time?

I'm so thankful that my wish fur last year khame true - that Mom got a job - I mean, I'm not sure how much more khwality time I khould handle fur those sixteen months seemed like 87 years - but it so has khompromised our ability to visit my blog pals - I really really really do hope woo understand!

One last khomment - a special blog pal in KholWOOrado just shared some less than pawesome news about the sweet K - please ofFUR some support to KB and K - they will have a tough trail ahead of them - but Labradorks being what they are, we KNOW K khan do it!!!

Happy HOWLidays To All

Hugz&Khysses From ALL Your Pals In Pawsylvania