Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday Telling

 So, our sweet Siberian damsel was being neglekhted - and all that khrap - BUT finally the leash was pikhked up and off she went

 Hey Frankie - and so it starts - nothing says Snowman time like fallen leaves 
 And so khlose to this street - khan woo or Sarge believe it???

We just missed Dexter - or his khounterpart - I'll try to get a better shot another time
 I took Mom bakhk to France - okay, Brittany - this time we turned right - and headed up the hill - where we khould see the bakhkside of this monster - 
 It has been in progress fur like furever now - still working on it - I mean, Aunty Vicky khame to visit us a few years ago and we drove her by it - one of these days, I'll take Mom to that sekhtion of that development so we khan show more - 
 We loved the garage with this one 
 Sorry the shot ended up fuzzy but it is really khool.  A bit after this one, we enkhountered Maverick, a khute fuzzy 12 year old KHORGI - Pembroke in variety - then we passed a Boston Terror - and then stopped and chatted with a nice lady and her Schnauzer Maddie - we had akhtually passed them at the start of our walk - just as they passed the line of cherry trees - she was a khutiepie - with ears like Mom's Fluffy used to have - although she was darker - then I brought Mom home - it was 2.75 miles or so - and good fur her - 
 Monday morning I decided to entertain her with hide the snakhk - by the time she grabbed the khamera, I was nosing one into submission by the fireplace but took off with it before she got a pikhture of it -
 Wait, how did HE get here?  I sooooo wish I khould hide him in my chair

 TeeHee - moving as Mom takes the pikhture - snikhker!

 Humans - so easy to amuse!

I made sure I got TWO walks on Monday - of khourse, woo will see some of one of them here tomorrow!

Happy Tuesday EvFURRYone!

PeeEssWoo: Here is where Mom and I pawed off our green paper$ fur the typhoon rekhovery efFURts - it was one we were khonsidering and when we khaught up with this post, we knew it would be the one 


Two French Bulldogs said...

Nice walk Khyra. After seeing friends and walking almost 3 miles the real job starts by trying to find a good bone hiding spot, exhausting

Sarge said...

Hey Khyra!
Wow, I can't believe you have a street in your territory that's named for my Mom! She'll have to visit sometime and stroll down her own lane. BOL Frankie will be soooo unthrilled to see another snowman which makes me snicker and wag! Gotta poke Frankie's cage and this is perfect. Thanks so much for sharing and I'm glad you had a fun walkie and treat hiding!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Pol Comm

BeadedTail said...

We're glad your mom finally took you for a walk after making you wait so long! It's so funny that you hide your biscuits. Dogs are weird. We loved seeing Brofur!

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

KHYRA.... Shame on you fur putting that Snowman/SnowFreak up there to TAUNT Me...
WOW a Street named fur SARGE's MOM... AKA My humun SISTER, LORI.
OKAY... That street Sign takes SOME of the Curse off the SnowFreak.

THANKS Girrrrrrl.

Taffy said...

Oh, Khyra! We should have a bone hiding party. You and I would most certainly be considered the best hiders. Looks like you had a great walk!

Little Reufus said...

O Damsel Khyra, I deu lubbs yeur bretty leabes and ass yeu know... Hide-a-Snack is one ob my faborite features!

wif lubbs from Little Reufus