Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday MOMday

 Khyra would like to add a FLUFFY TAIL salute as well!
 Ready to roll Sunday morning
 I brought along Angel Jasper's Khousin Ben's picture as well - after all, Ben is the reason for GJ's Blog - and how we all 'met' -
 The yellow tote was something we won in an action for SOS-SRF - and coincidentally enough, it is going on RIGHT NOW!!! and the Siberian you see is a Hot Water Bottle GJ had his mum send us
 On the road over to get some coffee and gas prior to hitting I83

 North I go
 Rusty and Lacey checking out the messages at McD's in Hagerstown

 PAWSylvania welcomed Transport #24 for 2013 with Passengers #94-98!!!!!
 Lacey used the passenger seat as her pillow - and Rusty rested behind me - whilst the puppies did their napping as well

 Telling secrets for sure - I'm not sure Lacey really believed him!
 The Three's Company Pups - Jack with Janet and Chrissy

 Rusty was ready to engage his wings for the trip to Allentown
 But I convinced him to retract those flaps as The Tundra would do the hard work

 South I go

 Mission Accomplished!

 She gave a snoof of approval for the weekend's happy tails!!!!!
 Thanks Angel Jasper - I even re-titled it ROTTS 'N PURRS for this leg - I got THAT feeling twice along the way - and the first one REALLY freaked me - sadly, I don't have a picture of it BUT I was thinking about the sign he would send - and not a minute or two later I saw a billboard for a jewelry store in Harrisburg that was featuring products from THIS maker - I mean GEORG JENSON???  GJ - yes, queue that Twilight Zone music - I was too stunned to grab the camera in time - as I was when I passed a license plate on a NY vehicle with the letters GJZ - I think his mum will agree with that being another sign from him!
 Here is Angel Tasha - in her Yenta costume a few weeks ago - she WAS the YENTA for her parents - she was her mom Jane's Siberian - and she made the meeting with her dad Carlos happen - at just short of 14-1/2, she got her Silver Harness on Saturday 11-9...she'll be furry missed - her mom is the one who made the YELLOW TOTE in the pictures - 

We had to smile with fond memories of another Angel Tasha - who helped impact the friendship we've developed with Princess Eva and Handsome Brice - and oh yes, their humans!
Then there is Angel Dork Sam - also known as Samuel - he got his Silver Harness last weekend - at the age of 15/1-2 - still a shock despite the age - our friend KhadyLyn - and her mom - and yes, Angel HollyBollyBananaBooMooseMalGalAtLarge - were monumental in our deciding to blog - and part of our Trek to The Tundra in November of 2010

Even Angel Rusty The Rooster from The Thundering Herd sent a sign along I81 - I 'herd' this song on the radio - and had THAT feeling - and knew the Rusty I would be meeting in Hagerstown had clown potential - yet, he could send a message from North of The RB 

Here is THE PHOTOBUCKET for Hagerstown to Harrisburg - it seemed like just a quick trip to the store after the last one I did - enjoy the FOUR videos and assorted pictures -

Yes, RESCUES ROCK - and so do the rescuers and pet humans around the world!

Happy Monday EvFURRYone - and yes, thank a veteran for all they did for us!

Hugz&Khysses From Khyra's Khorner


dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

What a lovely tribute to sweet GJ.

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

THAT is a super Yellow Tote that our dear G.J. sent to you.

Ginger Jasper said...

Oh this is so lovely. I just read it with tears again but oh those signs you saw and felt were my GJ for sure. It has been a good few years since we met on the blog and much has happened along the way.I am so grateful for the friendship and know it will stay. Barrie and I do plan to visit across that pond again and maybe we will get to meet. Hope so. Thank you for the beautiful tribute. the pups were so fitting xx

Taffy said...

What a special transport! Such sweet pups to give a ride to also!