Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Telling

 Kona and her humans!
 Stimpy and his!
 And Stimpy's 14month old sister Kiszka
 She's an Olde English Bulldog - Stimpy's mom said they are doing pretty well - Stimpy's visit to the V-E-T on Monday produced some khomments about Great Dane and going to be a BIG boy!
 Sydney is still looking fur hers - I doubt she'll be waiting long - too bad The Zen-terra khouldn't have taken her to Orie-gone to teach Angel and Isabella a few things!!!
Here is her Petfinder Link fur Rotts n Pups
Here is the sweetie now known at Gingersnap - the pawesome foster fur RnP's Sibes renamed her - and now she has a link on Petfinder  as well - it shares the story of her furry stoooooopid furmer 'owner' - having read it, we know Gingersnap is akhtually lukhky to be out of there - and even still 'here' on this side of The Rainbow Bridge 

Happy Tuesday EvFURRYone!

PeeEssWoo: I'll see woo here tomorrow fur a special Walkin' Wednesday - dedikhated to my furiends in OP KS!


Unknown said...

Happy Tuesday Khyra! Today is another day that God given to us to enjoy our journey :D

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bichonpawz said...

I just love looking at the pics of the new families!!! Everybody ... dogs and humans... so happy!!

Maggie Mae and Max said...

OoH Khyra, it is so nice to see you again. Happy Tuesday my furiend. :)

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae and Max

The Websters said...

We love seeing those happy families!


bbes tribe said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of the pups and their new families! So great to see. Wishing Gingersnap and Sydney new loving families and homes are found soon. Khyra you are special to share Mom with the Rescue pups.

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Happy pups and happy peeps - love the smiles. Paws crossed for Sydney and Gingersnap.

Cottontails coming our way?

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Squeeee!!!!! More pups have gottne their furever homes! We love that!

Gingersnap sure is purrty. Heading over to read her story, and undoubtedly, cuss her former person.

Molly the Airedale said...

Happy families and happy pups make us happy too!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Tama-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette, Ollie said...

Lots of great photos and stories, Khyra, but not enough of YOU!

Woeful Tommy

KB said...

I'm starting to be able to breath again... so I can read blogs again. Glad to catch up with you. It must feel great to have played a part in bringing those humans and pups together!

BeadedTail said...

We love happy endings and sure hope Sydney gets one soon! Sure wish she could come out here!

White Dog Blog said...

Thanks to you there are more smiles and happy hearts in the world tonight. We send White Dog positive thoughts that forever families are on their way to Sydney and Gingersnap.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

It makes me feel happy when these doggys get forever homes.
I hope they all will have wonderful homes soon.