Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Sharing

We missed sharing some flowers on Friday so we snagged a few pikhs
The kholour is soooooooo khool!We thought it was interesting to see some of the green buds in this shot
YES! I got my bonesikhle
Fur me?
How long are woo going to make me wait fur it?
Tongue Likhkin' Good!
Nom nom
Nom nom nom
Nom nom nom nom
Nom nom nom nom nom!!!
Nap nap!
Here are Mom's passengers fur Sunday
Six Lab/Shepherd Mixes
They are khoming from GA
(But not THIS KIND OF JB )
The nice lady in GA, Irina The Rotti person, was akhtually going to keep her but two of her females have been having issues with her. Irina is all about what is good fur the pups SO she's pawmitting us to get her North fur a special home. She's a MinPinMix


This pikh was taken when she was 5 wks old...she's now 8 wks old and looking tastier I mean healthier!

At furst I thought it was going to be an early Gotcha Day pressie fur me but someone has already adopted her...dang!

These passengers are khoming from and to this reskhue That was the one that got Anja and her pups to their furever lives up 'here'!!!


Mom didn't get home until early Saturday evening SO as she expekhted, she'll share pikhs of Delilah and Blazer on Monday Momday! She said they were furry nice pups BUT furry furry in need of some meat on their bones. Plus, the chain mark around Delilah's nekhk was all too visible. Mom felt soooo badly fur her. Despite what she had been through, she still wanted to play! Blazer wasn't khwite sure he was up to the challenge but did well with her! It was khwite warm (90+F/aka 31-32+C) so Mom didn't torture them too much!




TwoSpecialWires said...

Oh, we were happy and smiling for a while. All the pretty flowers and all the rescue stories. We 'specially like the Russian name Irina and the Russian Khat. We were smiling even bigger. But then we read about the chain marks, and that made our skin crawl. It's so wrong. We're glad you're there to help. In such a big way.

You really made us laugh the other day... we were complaining about the wireless motel and you reminded us the room wasn't wireless at all! Hehehe! Once we get around to leaving feedback on the website, we'll be sure and use that little bit of special expression! Hehehe!

Love ya, Khyra.
Jake and Fergi

Princess Eva and Brice said...

Russian Blues are furry pretty but make sure that your mom cleans YOUR Xterra after allowing that creature in it.


Suka said...

hey Khyra,

What is a bonesikhle? Is my human keeping some yummy doggy treat from me?! Anyway, it looks really good and I love how you are licking your chops waiting for the bonesikhle!

I agree that the Russian Blue would have made a great pressie for you. Sorry! Maybe next time.

I am really growling mad about Delilah's neck being hurt by a chain. Good thing I don't know where her former human lives! Grrrr....I will keep my paws crossed that she heals without pain.


p.s. my human K said to tell your mom that the flowers are very pretty!

Scout and Freyja said...

Oooooo, our momma looked at that kitty-catty and drooled. We are so glad that it already has a new home. Scout says that we can't have NO more cuz he has his paws full with Forrest!

Summit the Super Mal said...

Woo there Pretti Girl~
The flower pic is nice BUT woo and that bonesickhle...PANT...PANT...well, I'm woo-less!
Your BG,

Teddy Bear said...

Look at the beautiful flowers! Your Mom has some cuties on hand for this weeks transport. They are so adorable!

Teddy Bear

Tom, Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan said...

Wow, Khyra, that bonesikhle looked delicious!

It looks like quite a cargo for the Xterra today: those six puppies and the little "khitten" who looks like he desperately needs a forever home and a lot of loving.

Lovely flowers. We have the same kind in our garden!

Woofs and Purrs,
Tommy, Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan

Inky and Molly said...

The bonesicle looks yumalicious!

That story a bout the chain marks are on the neck is just horrific. Who does that? We hop ethey burn in hell...

We would have loved to eat that cat too....mmmmmhhhh...

Martha Basset said...

Beautiful flowers Khyra. What a great bone - we are glad you got a new one!
We can't believe that your mom has allowed a cat to travel in your vehicle!!!
Really she is taking things too far now!
We are so pleased to hear about these dogs getting new homes. Poor Delilah! (Dogs are so forgiving of humans!)
Thank goodness for all the good work done by rescues.
Well done to your mom too.
Martha & Bailey xx

The Thundering Herd said...

Let Delilah know - Qannik came with one of those neck marks too - a rope burn mark from where he had been tied out, the fur worn away, and the skin exposed and scarred. Today, you would never know it is there underneath all of that fluff.

Mango said...

Miss Khyra,
I am still fuming that we didn't google reader sooner. It is most amazing. Now I can tell how far behind I am and also make sure that I read things in order.

I used to get boneciles prior to the arrival of pee-wee but after he got here I started actually eating the bone part so now I have to make due with my weekly meaty bone.


Noah the Airedale said...

Wow a Russian Blue. We hope he goes to a nice home.

Noah Willow Tess Lucy


Ms Khyra,
I love the way you lick your lips. And all that snacking can make you tired. Those lil pups are lucky to have your mom help transport. I like the name Jelly Bean. Too bad it didn't work out but certain he'll find a home quick.


Abby said...

Hi, Khyra...

The flowers are beautiful...What a great color...

That bone-sickle looks yummy...Looks like you think so, too...

The six puppies are adorable...And, I have to say the kittie is cute, too...How nice of you to share your Mom & your Xterra with her...

Abby xxxooo

Anonymous said...

I hope that cat doesn't leave her scent in your Xterra Khyra. Reminds me of a Seinfeld episode when a parking attendant left an "odor" in Jerry's car. It permeated everything and he was forced to get rid of it.

Brodie and Ailsa said...

Yous know Khyra, somtimes Kcats haves there uses, NO nots to eat. ifs I couldnt of reached thats bone our Burties woud of knocked its down fors me. lovely puppies.

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Just give it up mom.. What is the deal with humans and teasing...
What cute transport partners you have this week...

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Bijou said...

Hi Khyra,

That bonesikhle looks very tasty. I will have to see if mom has any for us.

Those lil' doggies are going to keep everyone on their toes! And that poor kitty looks like he needs some TLC! I hope they all find furever homes soon. And we are so very glad that there will be no more chains in Delilah's future.

Wags & wiggles,

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Khyra
We think it is neat that a very pretty cat is going to ride in your Xterra along with all those pups.
Enjoy your bone.
Love Ruby & Penny

The OP Pack said...

So glad that you managed to get your bonesicle - nom nom for sure. Poor Delilah - how can people be so stupid and cruel.

The Xterra will have a full load today with all those pups AND a cute kitty. Safe travels to the Mom.

Woos, the OP Pack

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Nom nom nap nap, sounds like a perfect Sunday Khyra.
We have the hot pink flower like that in the front yard, the flower is huge, 4 times bigger than my face.
Love ya!

Byron y Xinver said...

Russian blue cats are wonderful, peaceful and elegant...

Alasandra said...

Oh Khyra, Yvette is so cute!!!!!! Our Mommy just wants to cuddle her. The puppies were adorable. We thinks you would like cats once you got to know us and not refer to us as snacks. Our Whiskers had lots of doggie friends. ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

Mommy says I am a good puppy. When I was in the house I laid down and looked at Scylla who was looking back at me through the gate. Scylla almost got brave enough to come visit me on my side of the gate. We got to eat treats together. Scylla likes doggie treats. ~Fenris

JB's Big World said...

Mom's favorite flower is the hibiscus, those pink ones are gorgeous!
Nom, nom, you think I would like that bonesickle too?
Lots of cute passengers for your mom, especially that little gray one!
hee hee, there is another Jelly Bean out there? Cool!

Mack said...

You are so great to let a khat ride in your Exterra!

Mom use to have a Russia Blue!

Piappies World said...

Hi Khyra!
You are soooooo adorable! So glad we found your photos. Looking forward to seeing more of you. You also look like you're a playful one, hiding in plants and enjoying the yummy bonesikhle.

♥玮倩 said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of these pretty flowers!!! And you really seems to enjoy every moment chewing on your bonesikhle.

best regards

Ozzie the OZmonster said...

Loving the num-nums. We hope the best for the puppers and some good furever homes for everypup. That little grey kittie/snack looked kwite yummy/cute. We(j&k,hmph and me)hope the best for that one too, even though I want to put her into my mouth, just to taste. Chains are bad!!!


jan said...

You made the bonesickhle nom nom look so good that we are going to get some today so we will be that khontent.

Misty the alpha Poodle

Mollie Jo and Bobo said...

Beautiful flowers...They are my favorite color Pink!

What cute puppies your momma had. A kitty in your vehicle?!?!?!? Hoomans are crazy!

-Mollie and Bobo

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Those bonesicles look even tastier than a cat! I am going to make my mom put some in the freezer for me! Thanks for the idea

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Those bonesicles look even tastier than a cat! I am going to make my mom put some in the freezer for me! Thanks for the idea

Brownie said...

Awww! What cuties! Irina sure looks adowable (or so my momster says... I think she looks tasty, but if I keep going down that route, I won't get dinner!)

Your mommy is a pawsome person!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Khyra!
You post had all!
Pretty flowers...
Noms noms...
Naps naps...
Puppies puppies...
Kitty kitty...
Have a great sunday!
Kisses and hugs

Dory and the Mama said...

Wow what a WONDERFUL day Khyra!!!


Reese =^..^= said...

Enjoy that nommy bonesicle! The Russian Blue kitten is darling. I'm glad it found a home.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Ohhhhhh, puppies! I like Russian Blues. The ones I've known have all been pretty talkie. Grrr about the chain marks.

Mochi and Mommy said...

Mmmm...that Bonesicle looks yummy!

Lots of cute pups in today's transports! The kitty is cute too.

Hope your mom has a safe drive today! She is so awesome! :)


Cheyenne -Millie said...

Those are a lot of furry nice puppies! What fun!

That bone looks like it was worth the wait! And the flowers are lovely!

Monty says hi!

The Army of Four said...

That kitty is so TINY!
I'd love a pal like that.
Play bows,

chicamom85 said...

Khyra, nothing like working on a snack and then taking a nap. Ahhhh thats the life. The puppies(and even the kitty) are so cute. How fun would it be to play. Mom is sad about Delilahs chain marks, some humans are such buttheads. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. I would like to chain them up and leave them. I hope your Mom has a safe transport and please get the Xterra fumagated.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

pughy said...

Oh my cat, mixed feelings today.. That beautiful kitty cat. Then lovely flowers and some good news. But to chain a lovely dog and leave marks. That is so not good.. So glad your mum is helping.

Hugs Khyra GJ xx

BeadedTail said...

Beautiful flowers, beautiful Khyra, cute puppies and a cute kitty! Sounds like a perfect Sunday!

Keisha said...

Hello! Those are nice pikshers. I luvs the flowers. The kitteh is very kewt! :)

Stella said...

What a good rescue! All those Pups and a Russian Blue Cat! I wonder how many of you dogs would like to be referred to as a "snack". People abuse dogs and cats and sometimes it can just start with one word. It wouldn't hurt to lose that disrespectful word.
We are all sad for the dog who was chained. A horrible life and so happy to hear he is on his way to something better! Good going, Phyll!

Stella, Ali Z and Mom

Twix said...

Oh! I hope your Xterra survives! You never know what is gonna happen with that many pups. I hope your mom has a safe trip too.
PS: your flowers are beautiful today!

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

What beautiful flowers and pups, but a cat in your Exterra!! What's up with that?

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Thor said...

Hi Khyra!
That bonesicle looks so tasty! Yum!
Those passengers are very very cute!

Tracey and Huffle said...

They are very sweet and as usual your mum has done a wonderful thing. Especially by taking a cat! I'm very proud.

Huffle Mawson

Furkidsmom said...

We were so sad to hear that Delilah and Blazer had been so mistreated. We're so happy that your Mom could help them and we know they will have happy lives now.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Batu said...

I love the picture of the new russian in your house...I hope she shows you who is boss!

Kess And Her Mama said...

What a pretty pink hibiscus. It's so generous of you to allow your human to ferry (OMD), a cat. Altho' I have to admit she is a cutie.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

A bonesicle? sounds good.

What a lot of passengers this weekend. And a kitty? Hehehe. She slipped one past you, huh, Khyra.

Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ Campanella said...

whata great pics - transport is so great - our mommy did 2 transports too

Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

LUCKY LUKE said...

mmmmmmm... nom nom nom nom nom nap nap!

If I was there, I would lick your sweet nose! (And then also try to steal your bone... I sowwy!)

Love those sweet pitchers!

wif love from the Luke

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

It looks like you really enjoyed that bone, Khyra. Yummy!

Holly & Zac...XX

Joe Stains said...

Great flowers and great rescues! Well, except for that KHAT?! seriously, in YOUR Xterra?!?!