Saturday, May 25, 2019

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From FrEYEday's Falcon Wire mail

5/24/2019  ::   Life on the Edge
The young falcons are roaming out of the box exploring the ledge of the 15th floor. While they wander, the adults continue to regularly provide prey as evidenced by how quickly the hatchlings are growing. As they venture further from the nest box, notice the pumping of wings, known as winging, in preparation for fledging. This can be a nerve-wracking time as they wander near the edge, but this is a key part of the preparation for their first flights. With fledging coming soon, the falcon volunteers are preparing for Falcon Watch and Rescue. This program is a key reason why the survival rates of fledglings from this nest is so strong. By keeping an eye on the young birds as they attempt their first flights, volunteers are able to monitor and, if necessary, rescue the fledglings if they get into a circumstance in which they are stuck. Volunteers are welcome to join the Falcon Watch and Rescue team by contacting Kathleen Banski at

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