Thursday, December 6, 2018

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12/5/2018  ::   A New Male Suitor?
This morning, December 5, there has been some interesting activity on the 15th Floor ledge. An unidentified male was caught on FalconCam conducting flybys while the female, banded 48/AE, was perched. Usually, the male arrives at a nest site and performs a series of displays to attract a mate. It is risky for the current male, W/V, to leave the nest site this time of year because it may provide an opportunity for another male to bond with the current female. Though male and female falcons remain paired for life and renew their bond with courtship activity during the winter, this is also the period where an established male can be challenged by a new arrival. This courtship is marked by the special flight patterns that were observed earlier today. How this situation might play out is unknown at this time. By keeping a close eye on the nest site through DEP's FalconCam viewers will see how this unfolds.

The above was posted on the Falcons' webpage - stay tuned!!!
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Dawn said...

Interesting information about the falcons. I wouldn't have thought winter was that active for them. What do I know though! Dinner looks good, but the blonds must have eaten too much to be so sleepy!