Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tuesday Telling

 Still no PF khamera update SO Mom hit the Eagle Kham and watched fur a bit - it was really khool to see how Mama Eagle used her GIANT beak to pull more bedding towards her fur the kids - Dad arrived fur a bit then must have gone out to pikhk up the take out they had ordered - 
Thanks Pennsylvania Game Commission fur the pikhture*
 Now fur some telling of our SUNday -

 It - was - PAWESOME!

 Our Dobie Buddie is out bakhk there - see him in the left rear portion of the shot?

 We haven't met yet - but he is khwite behaved - and he likes to flirt with us!
 We had a walk -
 AND found some SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 It was on the parking lot of the firehouse -
 I'm kinda thinking it might be the last time I feel the BLISS under my paws!
Mom's purchase from the produce rakhk this week - all four of these tasty skhwashes fur $1.41 - she khooked them SUNday night - so we'll have lots of tasty snakhks fur the week!

BTW Molly and Mitch - Mom did bring us PIZZA BONES last Thursday - there was some pizza left at work - so she was KIND enough to save the bones fur US!!!!!!!

Of khourse, there were more pikhs taken - SUNday night - Monday morning - Monday afternoon - Monday evening - etc etc etc!

We had two walks - it wasn't khwite as warm as SUNday and it was kinda breezy!  Little's ears were blowing like some kind of Flying Nun ;-)

Have a nice MARCH Tuesday EvFURRYONE!

PeeEssWoo: Mom isn't sure how to snag the khamera images easily - she had to printskhreen that one and open in Paint - and khrop it from there - she is going to research how to do it without all of THAT work! 
Mom tried another route to see The PF's - she hit their LiveStream - and just saved the image to the KhrakhkBerry!


Mitch and Molly said...

You found snow, Khyra! yay! And yay for yummy pizza bones☺

Two French Bulldogs said...

Those birdies are awesome! And no more snow! Ugh
Lily & Edward