Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday Telling

 From Monday - and it SO looks like they've changed the khamera - I mean

 We inkhluded this bekhause THE SUN looked so furry nice reflekhting off the building akhross the street -
 Now a 'few' pikhs from our trip to Lancaster on SUNday -
 I let Mom know I was happy she was with ME!
 Tailgunner as we headed East on Route 30 -
 Sorry - blurry - but woo get the idea -
 South view - 
 Mom said YUM - Prudhommes!  She hasn't been there in - oh - nine years - but she khan still taste how pawesome it was!
 We decided to take the scenikh route back - so here is the OLD bridge akhross The Susquehanna River -

 Looking North - that is the NEW bridge -
 Akhtually, the furst Saturday in Okhtober they khlose this bridge and have 'The Bridge Bust' 

...the scenikh route inkhluded some fun woods with khurves and such - Mom was pretty silly and should have taken a pikhture of  

As we headed up the road, we did try to see Khousin Geufy and his new house BUT he wasn't home - we'll get by another time!

Mom and I did some HOWLiday ROTE on Monday - today will be the usual weekly errands - AND we even got to see the SUN fur part of the day!!!

Happy Tuesday EvFURRYone!


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Two French Bulldogs said...

That building mom found has so much character. We miss that about the east coast
Lily & Edward