Thursday, December 25, 2014

Thursday Thinking And Thanking

 Fur the furst time in several days, we spotted The PF Khouple - I think they were khoordinating their last minute shoppping plans!
 Now our HOWLiday photo khollekhtion - we've been saving them this past week or so -

 Another GREAT job by that Whitney!

 My other khorner - with this year's new ornament khourtesy of Garth Riley and his khrafty and khreative mom!

 Dreaming of sugar khoated khats - pfffft on those sugarplums!

Selfie Fail Mom - SELFIE FAIL - but since I decided the shoot was done - exiting over yonder arm of yonder chair - this is the best we'll ofFUR this time!

We hope all have a great HOWLiday - I got a special gift in MORE TIME WITH MOM - The GKP khalled Wednesday morning and said it was going to be a light and short day - she khould stay home with ME!

The khomments are OFF - we want all to enjoy celebrating - here's hoping woo got that sugar khoated khat!