Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday Sharing

 As promised, here are some pikhs from my Tuesday night khampers - this one is Jager
 EvFURRYone mobbed The Doggy Nanny and Fred -
 Douda - Doodah - Dudeah

 Pretzel in the bakhkground

 Pretzel was a khutie - 

 This one was all personality plus!

 Jager diskhovered Khousin Geufy's favorite toy on Wednesday morning - 
 Oh my - I won't khomplain about Khousin Geufy again ;-)

 A last Doga stretch from Pretzel - who insisted I kharry her out to the SubarWOO -

The Nice Irina Lady had left Atlanta by 6am on Tuesday - arrived at Khamp Khyra shortly before 8pm - three difFURent akhcidents had delayed their trek - and with the snow in the forekhast khombined with Thanksgiving Wednesday traffikh, she left khamp shortly before 7am - she should have arrived in Khonnekht-the-dots by 12n or so BUT she didn't get there until just before 2pm!  

Here is the PHOTOBUCKET with more pikhtures and a dark video - but we wanted woo to enjoy the khampers - I was out fur some fresh air at my tree -

Happy Saturday EvFURRYOne!



Angel Keisha said...

Woof! Hello sniffs to all your friends and u.

How Sam Sees It said...

Oh how fun! I bet Khyra couldn't believe her house was invaded by so many pups! They are all cute.

Monty and Harlow

Two French Bulldogs said...

Jäger is beautiful. And what a nice looking bunch
Lily & Edward

Quinn and Angel brandi said...

All the woofies are cute, but mommy has a soft heart for Khyra (of course) and the cute puppy Jager (she loves the puppy feets and the puppy ears!)!