Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday Telling

About my exciting Sunday
 It started with the biskhuit hide and hunt - The Doggy Nanny got a chukhkle out of this one - I walked by a time or two 'til I stashed it here
 This was after Mom pulled it free fur me
 Mom's view as I took it to the kitchen fur munching!

Good thing I was energized fur my afternoon would be lots of fun - I'll let Mom tell woo about that 

Thanks Khyra!  Yes, it was quite the interesting afternoon!  I had gotten the paper from the front porch - and fed 'Khyra's Khats' - whilst doing so, I saw an unfamiliar dog trotting down the street - with no human along - the dog was wearing a collar - I walked out to the street and called 'hey pup - come here' - whistled a bit
but they were on a mission and were even with the pumping substation and not looking back - I felt badly but at that point, I couldn't do much more - I went inside and told The Doggy Nanny about what I'd just seen - and hoped for the best -

SO, a few hours later, Khyra and I head out for our walk - I always let her choose the route - she turned to the right out of the driveway but when we got to the 'corner', she chose left - a slightly different first walk for her but I didn't deter her choice - but before we made the turn, we saw Baloo and Antarre's Mom - she called to us - we went back to her vehicle - she told us she was out looking for Kirstie's dog - Kirstie is her daughter that is Auntie Di's age - they had gotten a call she was spotted in Hepplewhite - I asked what she looked like - and Meg described the dog I had seen a few hours earlier - she said her name was SASSY - she had been missing for more than a week - and they were so hoping they would be able to find her soon before the cold snap arrived - especially since she was an older dog - I told her we'd keep our eyes open - good luck - etc -

SO, we did take the left but then took a right so we could head towards where she had been seen - we did the walk - and as we got back to where the 'high biskhuits' are, we saw a few vehicles gathered to look for Sassy - we decided to help by walking along that way too - hoping maybe we could spot her - and maybe help lure her with another tail - she had been spotted in the next development over by then so we kept our eyes in the yards between the two areas - and headed out to the 'road' we use to go to the store and such - halfway down the street, we saw two men coming down a driveway with  A DOG!  It turns out Kirstie's brother-in-law and someone living in one of the houses that adjoins the fields where Khyra's Khattle dog pals live - Sassy had been out in that field - the cattle started mooooving towards her - so Scott was able to snag her - he used his belt to leash her up!

Khyra gave Sassy a greeting - and a snoof - and we waited for the rest of the search party to come!  It was such an emotional time - in fact, it was so much that DESPITE THE FACT THE CAMERA WAS IN MY POCKET, I COULDN'T GET IT OUT AND TAKE PICTURES - I was on sensory overload!  It was so SO when Kirstie and her son Augie arrived to be reunited with Sassy - Sassy made sounds of joy - I'll not forget how they sounded!

Many hugs were exchanged - Khyra passed out khysses - we all wondered what tales Sassy had to tell about the two week walkabout!

As we finished our walk, we passed Meg heading to Kirstie's house - it is probably two to three miles away - she shared that Sassy and their other dog - SAM A GOLDEN RETRIEVER - had gotten out a weak spot in their fence - Sam came home - yes, we know how GOLDEN'S are - but Sassy was on the lamb - 

We saw the box of flyers on the front seat of Kirstie's Subaru - we KNOW they were trying to find her - Meg told me of other calls they had gotten with sightings - and how they had gone as soon as they had gotten them - it seems Sassy stayed in the general area that was probably halfway between her house and this neighbourhood - probably dined on some of the cat food and maybe corn in the field - she truly looked pretty good for a dog on her own for two weeks -

SO, that is part of our exciting Sunday afternoon - part of me wishes I had taken some pics - it truly was one of those Granite State Dog Recovery group feeling moments!

Sorry the retelling got a bit long - but we needed to tell it!

Now, I'll turn the post back to Khyra - so she can continue with the rest of the day's fun

Thanks Mom - and yes, I did hear woo tell all the humans present that woo understood the fear and worry and all that stuff since woo had a Siberian - blah blah blah blah - and no, I'm still not telling woo if I'd return if I ever get loose again!
 I got to see Antarre again!
 He mugged fur the khamera
 A leaf sabotaged this shot
Khan woo believe how big he is now?  I mean, once upon a time, Auntie Di khould hold him like a wee baby!

Here is the furst video we shared of him - it was last September - and here was our fun from Sunday!!!

Happy Tuesday EvFURRYone!



Summit the Super Mal said...

Woo there, Pretti Girl~
What a veri exciting Sunday. Good thing your Mom was home to walk woo and assist in the joy of the recovery and reunion. A special day fur sure.
Keep it furri and fluffi,

rottrover said...

What a great story! Thanks for sharing!

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

YAY for found dogs and the people who look for them! GSDR is the awesomest!!!

Gus said...

Your Mom Rescues on Sunday. Couldn't let her miss even one, right.

Good Job!


Ginger Jasper said...

It was very exciting indeed and I am so glad for the happy ending. I can hear the happy noise in my head when the woofie saw his family. That has made our day to have a happy ending story.. Hugs GJ xx

Remington said...

WOWZERS! That was exciting and scary....I am so happy they found her and she is safe at home....

harrispen said...

Hooray for happy endings! That is a very big puppy. You two sure had a good time playing.


Keisha said...

Me glad u friend is okay. :)

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

That Antares really is a big guy!

So glad Sassy was caught and reunited with her family. That is scary stuff. I never go out of #1's sight so she seldom thinks about it, but our neighbours had trouble with runaway Fernant before they fenced in their whole property.

We've had rain and warmer temps so most of our snow is gone. It was fun while it lasted, though!


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Oh Khyra what a GRAND and HAPPY story fur telling us about on this Freezing Cold day... It REALLY warmed us up. THANKS

Deborah said...

Hi, thanks for visiting. I should hear back today...I'm nervous :( about Winston..
Good news about Sassy! Smokes is my runner a way but he usually finds his way home!

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

We are so very happy that Sassy was found and is back with her peoples!!!

Antarre (don't know if we spelled that correct), what a gorgeous little man!!!

The Websters said...

That is such a happy story!

I got out of my halter on the scooter last week and played chase with Master for quite some time. It was a blast!


Two French Bulldogs said...

We like your happy ending Sassy story
Benny & Lily

Sam said...

Oh what a great story! ...and yes, Golden's always come home because there is no kibble in the wild....

Sam ;P

Mitch and Molly said...

We are so happy for Sassy! What a story!
You come up with the strangest places to hide your biscuits, Khyra!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

BeadedTail said...

Well you know what our mommy is doing. She's such a sensitive sap. *sigh*

Jan's Funny Farm said...

What a wonderful reunion story! We're so glad Sassy is reunited with her family. It had to be a hard 2 weeks for all of them.

Two Schnauzers from New England said...

We are so glad to read that Sassy is home. Antarre looks like a really huge dog - but cute.

Love -

Hershey and Kaci