Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Sharing

 Chekhking out my disappearing white stuff
 When Mom said the magikh WALK word!
Now fur some previews of passengers 
 Woo met Keisha on Saturday's post - she's not khoming this week but hopefully soon
Same fur khute Boo - not this week 
 Mom was REALLY hopin' fur some BRISKET this weekend but another time

 YES!!!  Freddie woo will going to the WRIGHT home fur woo this afternoon!  Mom will be handing ovFUR the leash to his new humans - they've ACD's fur many years - they live in Merryland - and were possibly going to meet Mom in Harrisburg or York BUT have decided to fetch Freddie in Hagerstown!

 So poor Griffin will get to be the only Zen-terra passenger - oh the flashie beastie will be working overtime!

Angel Lola

Angel Nally


Lola, a sweet little Schnoodle mix, was 9 or 10 years old in 2007 when Irina pulled her out from a GA kill shelter where she had been dumped because she had developed cherry eye.  Lola became one of Irina’s personal dogs; they were inseparable and traveled everywhere together, including long road trips up to NJ and CT.  Over the last two years, Lola’s health rapidly deteriorated; she lost her sight, her hearing, and developed multiple tumors.  On New Year’s Eve, it became apparent that Lola needed to be free from pain, and Irina was at her side as she helped her cross the Rainbow Bridge.  Some of us (including me) have met Lola, and know what a sweet, cuddly little girl she was; we know she is very much missed.   RIP, Sweet Angel Lola.

Nally was a beautiful senior Rottie, who was also about 9 years old when Irina saved her from the kill shelter in Chattooga County, GA, where she had been surrendered by her “people” with the reason that “we’ve had her long enough”.  Friends of Irina’s said she could live her remaining days with them; no one ever thought those remaining days would be five years, and Nally would reach the age of 14.  Nally was a gentle soul who loved everyone, and everyone who met her loved her.  It was Nally’s time, and on New Year’s Eve, she, too, crossed the Rainbow Bridge with Irina and her 5-year family at her side.  RIP, Sweet Angel Nally.
Thank you both, sweet Angel girls, for helping guide this first transport of the New Year for us, as these two young pups make the long but happy journey to their new beginnings.

So, as woo khan see, Mom has some furry special angels watching The Zen-terra later today!

Happy Sunday EvFURRYone!

PeeEssWoo: If woo want to see some of the Saturday pikhs from the transport, chekhk out the album on the FACEBOOK page fur RNP!!!


Kari in Vegas said...

I just love Freddie's coloring

Stop on by for a visit

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

When you said the 'Wright Home' for a moment I thought that Reufus Wright was getting a new brofur! :-)

I'm sorry to read about your friend Nally. But I'm always grateful when the last part of the lives of these special pups is the best part...

Enjoy your Sunday, and stay safe!

Alien said...

Just flying by to say Hi!


Two French Bulldogs said...

oh Khyra what time did you take mom out for a walk? Its dark and you look half a sleep
Benny & Lily

KB said...

RIP sweet Angel girls.

Elyse K said...

Hello, Khyra and Mom! Happy New-woo Year!