Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Sharing

Mom and me on my furst day with her
Mom's pakhk!!!!!

Mom about two weeks after she was left by The Stork

Auntie Di and The Doggy Nanny

Mom is in the stroller whilst The Doggy Nanny is trying to get her to stop those human pup noises - rumour had it THIS was needed khwite often -

Looks like Chikhk-zilla was bad and sent to the khorner - BTW, Mango The RH was the furst one to term The Fluffy Puff Chikhk-zilla - my mom is betting she'll be khalled a she when they do the banding - since the female PFs are about a third bigger than the males, Mom has always thought the chikhk seemed big - we'll find out in a few weeks - it will be an interesting experience since they usually leave one eyass there whilst they do the chekhkng-o-the-chikhks so the pawrents don't get too upset - I wonder how this year's will go!

As I mentioned yesterday, Mom won't be transporting today - the one she had signed up for was postponed until next weekend - and she'll be driving fur it - she ofFURed to drive for the other two usual groups - Amy and Sam - but Mom's leg was filled - the Brittany reskhue wrote her Thursday morning about driving for them - the leg open was one Mom had nevFUR done - and was akhtually a bit longer than her normal ones - she said she'd do it but if they got another ofFUR to take that - which they did and they did -

SO that is how I got to spend all of Mother's Day with my mom!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all - spread the fuzz ovFUR all the moms woo enkhounter today!

BTW, khomments are turned off so woo khan go get your hu-mom to enjoy her day with woo!



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