Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday MOMday

Kona in the pawesome awesome snow - WELL, he's now playing in the land of perpetual snow North of The Rainbow Bridge - he khrossed Saturday evening - so we decided to dedikhate Sunday's runs to him - Mom and I have khalled it KHARGO FUR KONA!

We'd like to share these with Kona's mom and dad - please pay a visit to my LARGE Mal Gal Pal in Nebraska - and her khute Sibe Sis KhL - to paw some warm woofs and purrs fur all of the residents of HOLLY'S HOUSE

Yes, THEY were up there - the other morning I had to watch them performing a tightrope akht using the utility wires out at the edge of the property


Time to turn it ovFUR to Mom so she khan tell woo about the inkhredibly khool Xterra passengers!

How it looked at 7:05am as I headed to Hagerstown for the first run

Rainy and dreary

And kind of foggy too

Foggier as I crossed Reesers Summit

The rain had temporarily let up when I made it to Merryland

A Wolfe and a Caterpillar - comparison pic to come later in the post

Ready everyone???

Hey Mickey - and yes, he was so fine

Another photogenic shotgun passenger

Yes, Pawsylvania welcomed us wetly!

Sorry so many of the photos are blurry - but his handsomeness shines through

Vinny loved his crate - slept rested and napped like this the entire trip - again, blurry since I had to contort a bit to snag this shot - you'll see more of him in the videos in the Photobucket album from the transports-


He was alternately attentive and restful - very aware of sights and smells - really enjoyed snoofing in the outside air coming in the vents

He was coy and playful with his attention!

Such a happy boy!

Another one of those dogs that pics and videos just won't do justice to - playful too - even tried to drive before we left MD - he thought my lap might be more comfortable than the shotgun spot - I told him sorry, no license no wheel no key!

For the last part of the journey, he found this to be a comfy spot -

This was at the traffic light at the end of the exit ramp - he was locked on to two people he saw walking on the other side of the road - he's very much a people person - as you'll see in the first video from Harrisburg, as soon as he spotted the next driver heading towards us, he couldn't take his eyes off the Honda Fit -

He was checking on Vinny - making sure he was ready for to get out for some fresh air


That face!

And sweet sweet Vinny! I feel like I cheated him by not being able to get more pics of him but that happens to the passengers that are crated - I did get some videos with him - he was a cutie - and he's home in Connect The Dots! He was listed as a Beagle but when you watch the videos, you'll see he's a Beagle on a Basset chassis! His foster had written the transporter list thanking us for helping to get him home - and said he was an old soul looking to help all encountered - so true!

One last shot of Mickey - who had been listed as a Husky Mix - his overnight hostess and I thought there might be some Pibble in there - but when I called the transport's contact after passing him along to the next driver, she mentioned I should google THIS and see what I thought - since he had come from The Carolinas, maybe he is a Carolina Dog - BUT as the paw magnet I passed on a van from West Virginia said soooo well, I am a Rescue - what are you?

After stopping at a Turkey Hill

for some gas and a coffee, it was time to head back to Hagerstown for Transport Number Two - this shot was short of Chambersburg - the rain had stopped - again -

The Wolfe and The Caterpillar again!

A closer look at the flowers

Meet Paco - he was a wee wee cutie! He travelled along to Shippensburg where I met his rescue contact -

Beth The LabPibble - I wish the day had been clearer so you could see her coat better - she's a beautiful brown with brindle furs hiding there!

Well, it wasn't raining this time BUT the sky was still threatening - it actually did that on and off all day - more on that later

Beth decided to keep an eye on Woodstock - he was comfy in his crate so we didn't get him out in Hagerstown - good thing because just after we closed the doors to depart, it POURED - so if we had spent more time there, we would have gotten very very wet! He was a bit shy - Mary told me that Beth was very sweet with him and tried to get him to play - she said they were even kissing on Saturday - I did open his crate door in case he wanted to come out but he was content

Yes, I heard all of you!

He heard you too!

I was able to take this pic of Beth as we were stopped at the light off the exit ramp of I81 - she had taken up residence back there after I passed along Paco

He so was as cute as all of you have to think he is!

Darrin's Honda Element has this awesome sticker on it

As I mentioned, the weather was constantly changing - this was the South side of I83

and this was the North side - I had only turned the camera maybe 45 degrees or so

A look back at Harrisburg

I always love the shots with the bridge and its reflection

Back down the hill - a might bit different than the weather in this area had been five hours earlier!

Same for the intersection near Khyra's B&B

Mission Accomplished!

Once again, I'm left to say WHAT A DAY - five great passengers - although I so wish it had been six - with Lobo - please keep him in your thoughts - perhaps Kona can help guide him to the help he needs - Lobo had been a stray - and on the run - someone had been leaving food for him - and trying to secure him for rescue - well, he's not been seen for a few days - so we need good thoughts for him - if he's located, someone will make the drive to collect him - he deserves that better life that was so close for him -

Just like the better life Mickey will have one day soon - he reached his foster site early Sunday evening and is having a blast! Since he had only really known the shelter system, he's free to run and run and then run some more!

Woodstock met HIS family Sunday afternoon - and as you'll see in the Photobucket pics, all are very AND furry happy!

I had struggled with how to best handle the Photobucket for these back to back transports - I knew combining them would make for a very large amount of pictures but I wanted the progression of the day to be 'there' - SO, please grab a large beverage of your choice and enjoy THE ALBUM WITH VIDEOS and THE SLIDESHOW of pics taken along their journey - not just the ones I took - some of the other drivers sent along their pics!

Once again we have five tails up and twenty paws saying RESCUES ROCK!!!!!

Khyra will have some other pictures from Sunday's travels - we didn't want to make this post any longer than it already is - I'll let her retake khontrol tomorrow!

Hugz&Khysses From Khyra's Khorner


Kari in WeHo said...

that smooshy face pic of Mickey made me melt!


Jan said...

Here's hoping Kona will be a spiritual guide to Lobo.

Mickey looked like he'd be a good driver.

Misty the alpha Poodle

Cheyenne -Millie said...

Kona was so handsome! We hope he is happy at the Rainbow Bridge.

We like the transport pictures! We got some rain here today!

Sally said...

That was some Rescue Run! Mikey is super cute - love those ears.

Hope Lobo gets safe - sending positive vibes his way

We will drop by and send our condolences to Kona's family -

Sally and Paddy

Teddy Bear said...

What a great group today.:) We are so sorry to hear about Kona.:( And hope that Lobo is found soon. We love Mickey's squishy face too.:)

Teddy Bear & Sierra

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

We are sorry to hear about Kona going to the bridge. Purrs. We like the idea of him being a guide or guardian angel for Lobo.
All of the passengers are cute ~ we wish them all love and luck on the journey to their forever homes.

Rescue Rocks! We can never thank you enuff!

kissa-bull said...

oh that mickey made all the girls swoon here at the woggie pibble house. we can bet our next kibble that he had some of the pibble handshums in him. the gowgeous kona has joined all our dear furryends at the bridge and is happish and healthy furever now. we just KNOW he will look out for lobo until he is safe.

pibble wiggles
the pittie pack

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

Another great Sunday, Phyll! We are crossing all our paws for Lobo.

We also went to visit Kona's family.


Tank said...

Good luck to all your passengers!

Priscilla said...

RIP Kona. He was a handsome boy!
Hope Lobo is fine, our paws are crossed for him too.

Jen said...

Ah, poor Kona! He's in good company at the Bridge, running through the snow with my Mortimer.

And, what cuties you had this round!! :) Here's hoping Lobo is jsut fine!

Jen and the Black Dog Crew

Gus said...

We are glad the weather did not dampen the day, and that you stayed clear of the idiots everywhere who have no idea how to drive on wet pavement.

Khisssesss to Khyra

gussie n teka

houndstooth said...

Awwww! Mickey! What a cutie!

I've never seen flowers like those! How cool!


Pedro said...

Wow, that was a busy day and a really special tribute to Kona. What a good lookin dawg. We will stop by to visit with his family. My mom saw Ziggy's brother this weekend and it made her so happy. We will post pictures of him this week. Does Paco have a home to go to? He looks like a chiweeni.


Channon said...

My mother inlaw enjoyed seeing the little cuties today too. Thanks for doing what you do.

Frankie Furter said...

Love the pic of sleeping on the gear shift thingy. hehehe

Benny and Lily said...

Kona sure was a beauty
Benny & Lily

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

We were very sad to hear about Kona too. He was a gorgeous boy and he lived a long life with a great family. Soft woos and hugs to his Mom and Dad and pack.

That was quite the Xterra full of pups yesterday. Mom was especially taken with Micky - we hope he gets a great furever home.

We also hope Lobo makes is way north soon too.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Remington said...

Kona was so sad.... Love the pics of the new cute!

Thor and Jack said...

So sorry to hear about Kona.

Those passengers are so cute!

Paws crossed here for Lobo.

Thor and Jack

Corbin said...

I have to get that bumpersticker for my parents! And, as always, LOVE your pics of your transports! Such a wonderful thing you do!

Elyse and Riley said...

So sorry about Kona.

Mickey definitely looks like he could be a Carolina Dog for sure! We're hoping he finds his forever home soon!

Khyra, you are looking like a super model out there!

Elyse and Riley

The Meezers or Billy said...

we is sorry about Kona going to the Bridge. those other woofies were very adorable!

Schnauzer Days said...

Wow, we followed your day, the lovely dogs and the weather with great interest, what a day! Sadness and Joy all in one post, thinking of you all, Dex & Lou x

Ginger Jasper said...

Sorry the beautiful Kona went to the bridge and I like what the others said about hoping he can be a guide to get Lobo to safety. Your mum did a great job with two transports of awesome woofies and yes thats a lot more safely in forever homes. Brilliant.. Hugs GJ xx

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I'm reading blogs during my lunch here at work, and am ending my break reading your blog...I love all the faces that are getting their chance at a good life, and I know Kona has found his way to the warmth of the snow at the Rainbow Bridge...

Ludo van Doggy said...

A great dedication for another pawsome run.
I liked Mickey the metrosexual in his pink collar. Good to see a dog secure in his manness. He looked like a great guy!

BeadedTail said...

What a special transport for Kona! Mickey was a sweet co-pilot and all the pups were cute as can be! We're hoping everyone has loving homes and that Lobo is able to find one too!

Sychoberians said...

THEY better stay up there if they know what is good for them.

So good all those pups are getting new homes, yipee.

Remy and Flash

Holly and Khady said...

Thank you so much for the dedication in honor of our Kona. He was such a sweet and gentle soul. We hope he can help guide Lobo to be found as he most certainly deserves a chance at a loving home.

More wonderful lives saved and on their way to even better times ahead. The world is a better place because of people like you!

Holly & Khady Lynn and their mom and dad too.

Suka said...

hey Khyra,

What a great post! I love happy reading, and your mom's rescue post was very happy! Such cute pups, as always! Mickey definitely looks like a Carolina dog to me!

Paws crossed and prayers for Lodo. And what heartbreaking news about Kona. Sweet of you to pay tribute to him.


p.s. Darrin's bumper sticker was pawsome!

Michelle said...

Love those ears on Mickey! So sorry about Kona, what a beauty.

Ruby's Raiser said...

Rest, Kona. We'll stop by to leave our condolences. Another (two!) wonderful transports, a little rain couldn't dampen the smiles on those faces!

JackDaddy said...

I would love to see videos of all the rescues as they finally get to their new homes. It would be so great to see them when they realize they finally have a home!

Anakin Man said...

Kona is a beauTeefuls Angel-

Woodstock is adorables-

Mickey sits cute in 'da car trips-

Love 'da cool foggie pho-toes-

Did yous know me thought me saw yous Khyra yesterdays at me events?

hu hu's
Yous prettier 'dose

Anakin Man


Momma's Momma (grammy) had a white collie wits a blue merle head named Lobo

Danielle said...

Mickey was such a cutie pie with those wrinkles!

Keisha said...

May Kona rest in peace.

tweedles said...

It so sad about KONA,,,,
may she run free over the rainbow.

All the faces in the transport made us smile

Sagira said...

Rescues DO rock! Looks like you mom had all kinds and sizes on this transport. :)

Elyse K said...

Those are some very good-lookin transport guests! And Khyra, you are fluffy and beau-woo-tiful as ever <3


Bleu said...

What an amazing group of passengers. My the mom must have fallen in love twenty times while reading over my shoulder!

Thank you for tirelessly running that trolley!

With love from the Bleu and also the Reufus

P.S. So sorry to hear the news of Kona. I do so hope he makes good friends at the bridge.