Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday Telling

Project 12 StyleMy furst ofFURing fur Sally's Project 12 - I will try and share something appropriate on the 12th of each month - whenever Mom heads North on I83 she passes this fella on the East side of the highway just beyond MY B&B - of khourse, York was the original home to York Barbell - In khase you hadn't seen this one in Sunday's Photobukhket, here is Archie, his new dad, and his new roommates - his dad is the one in the blue shirt - so Mom tells me - on the left
He was chekhking out the sites of The Big Apple - with a wee bit of The Empire State Building in the bakhkground - something tells me Archie is in fur some BIG adventures - something he so NOT would have had enkhumbered by that chain in NC
Khousin Ab sent some Sunday pikhs from Prescott prior to heading bakhk to Phoenix
Still taunting me with the snow she got to enjoy!
Even though it was pretty ovFURkhast Sunday afternoon evening during our walk, the sight of the blossoms fuzzing is still khool

A few of the older trees did have some emerging
The younger ones from the sekhtion where I like to do my Khonga Kikhk work had sprung
Kind of like the one Mom took with her khrakhkerberry

Of khourse there has to be a shot of ME - from last week just prior to doing my Lassie work!
Khongrats are in store fur Ricky and Sagira's PF in Columbus oHIo - she has four eggs now - just like the Harrisburg Pawsylvania skhrape - she is also an young one so the eggperts weren't sure what would take place this season - here is the blog so woo khan keep an eye and snooter on them too!

Mom says thanks fur the kind words about Sunday's Sweeties - she said it truly is as rewarding as woo might think - and she sooooo wishes more would help in some way - the real heroes are the ones involved with the shelter aspekht of it all - both the shelter khontakhts and the reskhue khontakhts - driving and babbling is the easy part!

Have a great Tuesday Telling of your furry own!




Huffle Mawson said...

Lucky Archie!

Suka said...

hey Khyra,

"Lucky 12" sounds like a pawsome project, and my human, K, love that York Barbell guy on the sign. Very cool!

Archie's new human and his friends look pawsome! I think Archie is in for a great and fun life.

Of course each post needs a pic of you, Khyra! How else would I get my daily Khyra-fix?! ;->


p.s. Congratulations to your mom on completing her 90 days! That is great!

Teddy Bear said...

Archie looks very happy.:) Has it really been 90 days already?! Wow, congrats to your Mom.:)

Teddy Bear

Tanuki Maxx said...

That's pawsome news for Archie! We wish him all the joy and happiness in the world!
Happy 90 days to your mom! :) Congrats congrats!

The blossoms remind mommy of the cherry blossoms in Japan...! beautiful!

As a matter of course there has to be a Khyra moment!
Happy Tuesday!


Maggie and Mitch said...

What a fun adventure for Archie. He sure deserves it!
We are just loving the beautiful spring blossoms, Khyra!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

♥Da fambly kitties♥ said...

It is always furry good news when one of us orphans gets a furever home. Alla' us in our house is 'dopted, too.

Momma won't be home this mornin' beclaws she is goin' downstate with a good furend to do - well, you wait until you sees tomorrows bloggy on Scout 'n Freyja!

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Archie is going to have lots of fun with his new Dad and friends. Wouldn't it be nice if he started a blog?

Gorgeous cherry blossoms - they suremake one feel like Spring is hereor there!

The PF mom has her eggs scatterred all over the place, hope she rolls them all back under her soon.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder,and Ciara

Gus said...

Oh Yeah! Archie's new dad and his pals will be great fun. I'll bet Archie doesn't have to diet at all.


ArtemisiaFSS said...

Thanks for the Khyra fix and sharing the lovely blooms.

Priscilla said...

So glad for Archie that he has found his dad, those friends look awesome too.
Love those Blossoms, they are so beautiful and they made me think of those days when I was in the UK with Rosie.
Thanks for sharing the news and the beautiful picture, Khyra!!!

Frankie Furter said...


Remington said...

Congrats to Archie!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

We are so pleased for little Archie. We are wishing him love and luck and fun. He deserves all 3!

Anna the GSD said...

Archie looks like he's going to have a lot of fun! And your cherry blossoms are BEAU-TI-FUL!

Channon said...

Love all the love Archie seems to have. Hooray!

Lucky 12 sounds interesting. Looking forward to the next one.

Turke the GSD said...

You are such a traveling girl. So lucky that your Mom takes you. And that Archie is lucky too! Oh and Thanks for traveling over to our blog :)

Benny and Lily said...

We love your adventures. Yea Archie! You found your forever home
Benny & Lily

SAS....Sammy, Andy and Shelly said...

Great post!!!!!!!!!

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

I love seeing the XTerra's passengers with their families!

Poor Khuzzin Abby is going to be baking by Friday!

Sally said...

Thank you for the pictures.

Nice woooh

Marg said...

Hi there Khyra. Those are such good pictures. We are so glad that Archie found a good home.
I have a question for you Mom. One of the people that we blog with has found a home for two dogs whose owner was in a abusive marriage and had to leave and leave the dogs. But the dogs have to get from Wisconsin to California.
The link to the blog that knows about these dogs is http://mariodacat.blogspot.com/ just in case you have any ideas who to contact or if there is anyone to contact. I hope your Mom doesn't mind me asking. I figured she would know better than most people who organizes this.
Thanks Khyra

Amber-Mae said...

Great pictures, Khyra! And congrats to Archie. His owner is furry handsome! TEE HEE

road-dog-tales said...

Looks like Archie the Adorable is gonna get plenty of attention! Beautiful blooms, BTW!

The Road Dogs

Kari in WeHo said...

I hope next winter you get extra snow to make up for the lack of it this year!


Ginger Jasper said...

Seeing the gorgeous black bundle of fur with his new dad and friends is pawesome and yes he will be in for adventures. Look a all that blossom its looking great. We have lots of blossom here too and dad takes lots of pics of it. Of course seeing you is as always just dandy. Hugs GJ x

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Khyra! Wow we haven't seen you in so long! We think these pictures are great, and how cool about Archie and his new dad. Of course we were going crazy til the end with your picture - we would have been devastated if that hadn't been there (ok, maybe not devastated, but let down for sure). We hope that you are doing well - mom said we can try to get back to visiting more again so we hope to keep up better now!!

houndstooth said...

Oh, wow! What beautiful trees you have blooming out there. We're a bit behind you in that aspect here, I'm afraid. Of course, it is your blog, so there should definitely be pictures of you!


Sychoberians said...

Thats great that you were able to make it into your blog Khyra. Lucky Archie and Archie's new dad.

Remy and Flash

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

Lovely blossoms and lovely YOU, Khyra!


Junior and Orion said...

Archie is going to have so much fun!

Blossoms are purrty, butnot as purrty as you Khyra!

K9friend said...

Great pictures and happy news. This was a perfect post!


Sagira said...

I love the spring blossom photos.

They have been showing our falcon on the local news giving everyone updates. Hopefully nothing bad happens like last year.

Maggie Mae said...


Happy Happy Tuesday my furiend! YaY fur Archie!

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Au and Target said...

OMC, we look at these pics and we think COLD, COLD, COLD! No wonder you are so happy there with your thick fur coat, darling. But I think we prefer the tropics.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Archie is gonna have just the bestest life! Good for you, Archie!

And I luvs those pictures of the pretty flowers. We still don't have any of those here.

Wiggles & Wags,

Lorenza said...

I am sure Archie is loving them too!
Happy Tuesday!
Kisses and hugs

BeadedTail said...

Yay for Archie to have a fun and loving home he deserves! We wish him many big adventures!

That wasn't nice of Khousin Ab to tease you with her snow but since she's usually in the blast furnace we guess it's okay.

Your trees are so pretty Khyra! We think you should go on even more walks so you can see them even more!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hello Khyra and Phyll!! I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I'm thinking of both of you! I hope you've had a good Tuesday!! Did you get our warm weather we had on Monday?

Deborah said...

Great news for Archie!
I love looking at the trees in bloom too!

Dewey Dewster said...

Khyra....didn't ya get even a little bit if snow this winter? I tell ya the spring flowers ya are enjoyin' right now make us sooooo sad that we are missin' em here where everythin' is pretty but it sure isn't Penns Woods and it sure doesn't smell like a Pa. Spring DAY in all it's splendor....enjoy it and we loved the pictures....

Dewey Dewster here....

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Hooray on mom becoming "real" at work! And you are much too modest about how important YOUR work is in the rescue process. Without transport drivers, the world of rescue would become a small local effort...great in some parts of the country, but no so in others. You make the difference between a forever home states away or staying waiting in a shelter for years...just ask Puff!