Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday Thinking

My entry fur Jazzi's khontest - of khourse, I didn't make it easy on Mom EvFURRytime she had them on and went to take the pikh, I shook 'em off - so she tried to hold me still - well, that one didn't do it fur me
So then she took the shoot outside
and she mentioned there would be a chikhken thigh in it fur me
Okay - I'm hopping and twitching and that bunny stuff!
The rain stopped in time for a walk when Mom got home from work -
The magnolias I shared earlier in the week
We had a few patches of blue
The weather babblers say it will be sunny on Thursday so HOPEFULLY Friday's pikhs will be much much nicer!

I know a few of woo ask if I was doing my SPONGE thing in the rain - the answer is oh my yes! I soaked myself furry furry well prior to Mom leaving Wednesday AM!

Happy Thursday!




KB said...

Our pups do the very same thing when we put things on their heads - except if there's meat in it for them!!!

Love the magnolias. What beautiful weather you're having. It's snowing here, and it looks like we might get a foot! While I'd love it to be warm and sunny, we need the snow so I'm smilin'!

Kari in Alaska said...

you sure look cute in your ears :)


Khady Lynn said...

Oh my. I'm so sorry you were abused this way. If you want me to come squish your mom I would be happy to. That's just not right!

Lovely flowers and trees! I really like the pic of you sniffing the blooms!


BeadedTail said...

You do make a very cute bunny Khyra but we hope you got a chikhken thigh for all your trouble!

Teddy Bear said...

The bunny ears look beautiful on you.:) We love seeing you taking time to stop and smell the flowers.:)

Teddy Bear

houndstooth said...

Those flowers are lovely!

You have some lovely bunny ears, but I like mine better!


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh Khyra
you are such a beautiful bunny,, with a fluffy tail!!!
Your spring is the most beaufiful spring I have ever seen,,,, mine is still very wet.
I love the photo of you smelling the blossoms sooooo very much

JacksDad said...

Sniffing on the tree flowers, what a wonderful thing.

Next thing you know, it will turn into spring!! :)

Jack & Moo said...

Woo look about as excited as Star was the day mom put a gray wig & witches hat on her. Some things are just plain WRONG.

Woo-hoo, just look at those flowers!!! that's pretty spectacular! We're not blooming too much yet around here, but thanks fur sharing yours! Now woo Do look like woo are enjoying sniffin & walkin!

jack & moo

Unknown said...

I think you look absolutely gorgeous in those bunny ears! I've already voted for you!

Sally said...

You are beeeoootiful! The bunny ears are very cute!

Love the blooms - We have a magnolia near us - and it is always a stunner in spring!

Lots of licks
Sally and Paddy

Unknown said...

What a contest that is going to be. And, I must say, those trees are incredible! I can only imagine the fragrance.
Sending lotsaluv to you all.

Suka said...

hey Khyra,

Well of course you gave your mom a hard time. Doesn't she know that bunnies belong in our tummies, not on our heads?! I bet wearing those bunny ears was torture. You do look awfully cute, though, and I voted for you. Go Khyra Bunny! ;->

The magnolia trees are pawsome! And I love the second to last photo of you...walking down the street of beautiful flower trees with your floofy tail blowing in the wind. Classic!


T. Maxx said...

Woo hoo! We think you make a beautiful bunny!
Watching the blooms really makes our day brighter especially since its rainy heavily now outside!
I personally enjoy the Khyra bloom!! :)


Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

The blossoms are so very beautiful.
Did whoo enjoy the tasty chicken thigh?

Dexter said...

I think the ears are charming. Combine that with the FT and I am ready to give you a run for your money.


3 doxies said...

OOh my, you was tortured withs da ears too....hehehe! Holidays suck fur us doggies, it's a shame to haves to dress up on every one!

Dat tree is so gorgeous!!!!!!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

With those bunny ears, MFT, all you need is a scrunchie to pull that fluffy tail into a puffy cottontail:)

Hope you got that chicken thigh.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Gus said...

good work with the bunny ears!

Hope your sunshine comes today.


Anonymous said...

We hope Mom gave you TWO chicken thighs after putting up with the bunny ears...and OUTSIDE?!? Doesn't she know someone might see you with those things on? Does she have no shame? :)

Happy Thursday! Hope you have nice weather today like us!

Elyse and Riley

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Khyra, I really needed a laugh today since I have to work on my day off--You in your ears has given me one!!

THANKS for that!! :-D

Remington said...

Say, did you know you were growing bunny ears? Better look in the mirror....

Two French Bulldogs said...

We think you make the cutest bunny ever
Benny & Lily

SissySees said...

Good luck, Khyra! Love those purple ears..

Anna the GSD said...

Silly parents! Your tail is WAAAAY too floofy to be a silly bunny! (but the ears are cute!)

The Meezers or Billy said...

MOL Khyra you make a great bun!

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...


And yes, it's sunny and bootiful here...we'll eventually blow it your way, but we're gonna hog it for at least a few hours...sun is a rare sight lately.

You're allowing her to bribe you with thighs for ears? Hmm...

I dunno, Khyra...that's a tough one...


Lacie Daffy Dills

Amber-Mae said...

I bet that bunny ears headband was uncomfortable. I voted for you twice. I thought your bunny ears picture was very cute!

Anonymous said...

OMD, the magnolias are amazing! gorgeous. well, Khyra, she should have told woo, if woo wear the ears, the bunnies will think woo are a bunny and visit woo up close! it's a DISGUISE!

Jan said...

We do a lot of humiliating things for noms.

Misty the alpha Poodle

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

ACK! Your killing me with the flowers, blossoms and blooms!

Maybe if those ears were a little floofier you wouldn't have given mom such a bad time! A grrrrl can never have enough floof!

Tama-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette, Ollie said...

It's embarrassing how well bribery can work, isn't it?

Such lovely flowers. We love magnolias! Ad we love the shot of you sniffing the cherry blossoms!


brooke said...

Cute bunny ears!

Sheila and Bob said...

Khyra, You look like such a nice Bunny in those ears, Ask your Mom to send your email address to our Mom & Dad we would like to send you some photos of us dressed for Easter.

Hamish & Sophie

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

The things we have to put up with but at least you got chicken. Love the blossom and flowers. Hugs GJ x

Anonymous said...

Oh, I just LUVS the picture of you smelling the blossoms. Just pawfect!

And good job not making it TOO easy on your mom to take a picture of you in those bunny ears. Always, ALWAYS make 'em pull out the good stuff for things like that.

Wiggles & Wags,

Teddy Westlife said...

Magnolias are so pretty! I love the look on your face in the second photo.

Molly the Airedale said...

We just love that picture of you sniffing the tree blooms, Khyra! What gorgeous pictures!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

White Dog Blog said...

Your neighborhood is so beautiful in its bloom! Glad you held out for a suitable reward before posing with the ears...can mom get film footage of you wiggling your nose? Just asking...

TwoSpecialWires said...

Khyra! We almost didn't recognize you! It HAS been a long time.

(We know you've not been around for a while ... but do keep an eye on our blog for an upcoming post. Eventually. Someday.)

Much love.
Jake and Fergi (who will NEVER forget your tree)

Thor and Jack said...

Oh my, you look so cute in your bunny ears, Khyra! Beautiful flowers!

Thor and Jack

Road Dog Tales said...

Oh, Khyra - the humiliation! BUT, you look adorable :) And wow! What lovely blooms you have there! Awesome!

The Road Dogs

Jans Funny Farm said...

Rabbit ears? hahs. How cute.

FiveSibesMom said...

Love the ear pics...we were having a crazy time taking Easter pics this weekend...our Sibes absolutely did not like our ears!!! Gib tried to chew them up, the others ran downstairs and hid in their bedroom! Kudos to Khyra for wearing them!

ForPetsSake said...

Ah yes, the head shake has screwed up many an adorable pic for us, too. I loved the pic of Khyra sniffing the flowers - Arwen is a flower sniffer, too!