Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Tuesday Telling

 It looks like Lord PF hadn't yet clean up from his breakfast fixin' -

 SUNday night WAS Italian Margarita night - and Monday night was as well - 
 Some SUNday Little looks - 

With more for Monday and Tuesday and DOT DOT DOT -

Some ROTE for me on Monday - had khoffee at a new place - very much a place to return to and hopefully soon - then The Groomer for me - and my last stop was a Jersey Mike's Italian - I had never had anything from there - but I'll go back again -

Fingers and paws for a successful today - I'll share tomorrow - hope hope

Happy Tuesday EvFURRYone!

All Of Us At NAK's Khottage

1 comment:

Molly the Airedale said...

The Italian Margarita stuffs sounds so yummy and we love the glass!