Thursday, July 11, 2019

Thursday Thinking

 Early Wednesday -
Interesting item on The Falcon Wire - this might explain the 'three' in the picture I shared on Wednesday
7/10/2019  ::   An Unexpected Visitor!
Over the weekend, an unbanded juvenile appeared at the ledge and has been making regular visits ever since, both in company of this nest's juveniles and alone. Early this morning, this newly arrived juvenile pursued W/V, the adult male, to the ledge, loudly food-begging, and chased him from the ledge. Interestingly, the adult male accepted this behavior and responded as a parent instead of going into territorial defense. Looking through the archives suggests this is an unprecedented occurrence at the nest site found on the Rachel Carson State Office Building. Just another example of how unpredictable wildlife can be!
 Fred's CHEERS from Smokey Bones -
 Yep - a Pulled Pork Sammie With Beans -
 Fish - with corn for chips - and slaw - 
 Here is the salmon - I called it Mimosa Asti Salmon - as I used some leftover Asti and OJ as the liquid base for grape tomatoes, onion, carrot, and mini red/yellow/orange peppers - when that was nicely done, I nestled the fish in to it - and when it was done, put it away in a casserole dish in the frig -
 Served some of it cold with some 4 Cheese Rice A Roni that was hot of course - nice balance!
 Thinking her fans might like to see some of the iPAWd pics I found -

 And NAH!
 So back to The Thinking Blondes -

 Little smiling for The Purple Pentax -


The GKP return wasn't TOO bad - but of course, I'm still wanting it to be Saturday night ;-)

Happy Thursday EvFURRYone!

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Molly the AireGirl said...

Your Mimosa Asti Salmon looks delicious! We never get tired of seeing photos of you, Khyra♥ Stay cool!

Jan said...

The lovely Khyra--so regal.