Monday, August 1, 2016

Monday MOMandMEandHERday

 Late SUNday afternoon, Lady PF took her place -
as did Lord PF!

 Just about nightfall
 Time fur AOUT!
 My GOTCHA month - and oh yes, Mom's too ;-)
 Now fur our standard sharing of our akhtion pakhked Saturday night -

 Yes - I am 'splodin' - humans khan't keep their paws of me!
 FUR some reason, someone feels khompelled to take a brush along when letting us have some yard time - I mean, I was even plukhked at 4am - why 4am?  Well, someone fell asleep on the khouch as part of her exciting Saturday night - and woke up at 3:54 - and YES, we did want to go out before going to bed!

 My poor ball - thanks Khousin Bentley -


 Mom lifted a glass of Menage A Trois Chardonnay to TADN -

We had a furry nice SUNday - a furiend khame to visit - and so did a human - we had a nice walk - not as long as WE wanted but Mom DID know better due to the humidity - she did the store - got us some tasty stuffs - we lounged - she read the paper - and she treated herself to some oriental takeout - and got to enjoy the benefit of it being khlose - she walked over to get it - woo know we'll share some of the fun here tomorrow -

Happy Monday EvFURRYone!

PeeEssWoo: Khyra's Mom here - thanks to all that sent along wishes for TADN - I was actually going to take Khyra and Holly to visit her - and stop by a friend's parents' site too - along with picking up a hoagie - but I decided we'll wait until the weather is a bit more pleasant for a SUNday drive - 

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