Sunday, September 7, 2014

SUNday Sharing

 Wed AM
 One of the perks -
Of Mom's latest skhhedule - 

Two weeks ago, Mom started a new one at The GKP - instead of starting Wed AM, she goes in at 12:30 in the PM - and works until 6:30pm - then her ThursFriSat shifts are 630am-630pm - she's okay with the ThursFriSat shifts but the Wednesday one has been pretty *&!#$* fur her - she arrives just as the paychekhks are ready fur distribution - along with the other usual fun 'stuff' - she feels like she's doing an entire shift of work but in half the hours - the good part is I get another walk on Wednesday - and according to The Doggy Nanny, the bad part is I think Mom went to the store so I stay by the door waiting fur her to return - which is not how I usually spend my days whilst Mom is earning kibble green paper$ - oh well, progress - or something like that  - 

Mom was supposed to have a transport fur two Brittany girls today BUT the nice overnight host folks - the one with The Sibes - have some Siberian work in Allentown so they indikhated they would drive the Brittanies to Allentown - this means we khan sleep in AND I get MORE MOM TIME!

She's even mentioned doing something special together - I'm sure we'll share our fun here tomorrow!

Happy SUNday EvFURRYone!



How Sam Sees It said...

That seems like a very crazy schedule!

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Monty and Harlow

Angel Keisha said...

Oh, wow! I hope u and Mom get lots of cuddle time when she comes home.