Monday, September 1, 2014

Monday MOMSandMEday

 Steamy SUNday PF Palace - with Lady PF in one of her favorite places -
 Lord PF watching the Harrisburg skEYE -
 Mom and I had a special transport on SUNday -
 We had to return Khousin Ab's Mama -
TTFN Auntie Di - miss WOO already - but I KNOW Khousin Ab has missed her mama!
 Looking South - akhtually, the runway fur HIA is just along The Susquehanna - Mom finds it such a tease to have to travel another four or five miles to get there - I mean, it's just THERE - why khan't we get there from here?
 Looking North - BTW, woo will notice today's pikhtures are less than khrisp and khlear - I guesss it was tooooo early fur some mom - just sayin' -

 Mission Akhkhomplished - bakhk by 8:26am - what a special time ;-)

 We decided to open the bag of tasty treats Auntie Di brought along fur ME ME ME!!!

 We sent these pikhs fur her to see when she landed in Charlotte fur her layovFUR prior to heading bakhk to The Blast Furnace - 
Thank Woo Auntie Di
Of khourse, I hope Khousin Ab will enjoy the bag I sent bakhk fur HER HER HER!!!
 We went fur our walk - I wanted to go fur a longer one but Mom played THAT mom khard - and said it was way too ikhky - something air woo khan wear - and breathTAKING - and I did thank her when we did return - I sent this shot to Khousin Geufy to let him I know I miss him too -
 He sent this along with a message of how he was 'back to my boring life' -
Whilst Mom read the paper, I relaxed by the door - missing my khampers - 

Happy Monday EvFURRYone -

Or as 'they' khall it 'here' in The Woo-S

Happy Labor Day -

Of khourse, Mom and I like to rekhognize May FURst as the REAL labor day -

But as a working breed, I will enjoy this fabrikhated HOWLiday!

PeeEssWoo: I think I'll finally be able to snag the blog to post about our Gotcha Day fun and goodies TUEmorrow!


Molly the Airedale said...

Enjoy your treats that Auntie Di brought you and enjoy your holiday with your mom, Khyra!

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Happy Labor Day to WOO and your mom.
We are looking forward to what you got.
Enjoy your quiet day.

How Sam Sees It said...

Hope you are having a quiet and peaceful Labor Day!

Monty and Harlow

Little Reufus said...

So sad to see the Khampers leave, but... yeu look great deuing it!

Happy Labor Day wif lubbs from Little Reufus