Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday MOMSday

 Khyra's Mom here - first off, some PF pictures from their palace - this was shortly after we got back from our transport - how awesome to see this one!
 From the afternoon -

 Ready to roll - shortly after 7am - oh goody!

 We got meet a special boy being fostered by the nice people that host the overnight guests - this is BANJO -
 Joe was found as a stray - and obviously on his own for sometime because he's WAY WAY underweight - his back half is almost skeletal - he's HW+ - and probably due to his nutritional deficiencies, fighting anemia along with some liver value issues - they are going to let him beef up a bit - and stabilize before starting the HW treatment - as Fate had it, LeeAnn and Ken lost a Brittany of their own - so perhaps Angel Manny will make sure Banjo is already home - paws crossed -
 With some very special colored paws at that - it was very evident to see how taken he is with them AND vice versa!
 Meet Scooter - an owner surrender due to that 'issue' of not having time for him any more since the kids are gone - REALLY???  Six years and this is how you treat a special boy?  REALLY???

 Harrisburg Pass One
 We had some special angels watching us - you'll meet them at the end of the post - let's just say we called this one Echo Eye Blue - the plate was HER 34 - quite nice!
 Diane spotted the paws and I said GRAB THE CAMERA

 He did this almost the entire 100 miles - I'm sure he was resting up for the rest of his journey to Brunswick Maine
 His collar gives a hint of his past heritage - his previous name was Shooter - but the rescue changed it for various reasons -
 His look was one of appreciation as he traded the Orange Zen-terra for the silver one!
 Of course, no post about the trek to 'Allentown' is complete without a shot of the Sam Adams Brewery!
 Another sign our special angel was watching - there is a special twin human puppy with that name in her life -
 And SKY BLUE EXPRESS was another sign!
 Harrisburg Pass Two
 We saw a khanoe transport ;-)

 Mission Accomplished - #9 for 2014 with Passenger #23!
 The messages being snoofed!

 A fluffy tail up of proof RESCUES ROCK!!!
 Yep - how true - this was on a vehicle in the Wawa lot -
 Angel Echo Mahruk - she earned her Silver Harness this past Thursday - she's one of the Sibes we met on our Trek to The Tundra in 2010 - I get to talk to her 'mummi' almost every day - The Evil C took her quickly - almost too quickly to be believed - her humans let her go whilst under some evergreens - even her furry son was there to let her know 'it's not furever - it's just - fur now'
 We also had these two angels watching from a special spot at The Rainbow Bridge - here is there story - along with the difficult time their humans have experienced - 

Fans, it is a very dark day for us here at BFDR. Early this morning, a fire swept the home of one of our BFDR families in Northbridge Massachusetts. The fire claimed the lives of three dogs and several cats. Two of the dogs that perished were Big Fluffy Dog Rescue dogs. We are grateful that the humans and two dogs made it out safely.

I have had to eulogize many dogs over the years and all of them have been painful to write. I was prepared already today to eulogize two of our Great Pyrenees girls, Mitzi and Lorie, who we just lost due to illness. Lorie slipped from this world in my arms just this morning. This, however, has rendered me nearly mute with grief. We have had so much loss today that it is hard to breathe.

We have lost many dogs over the years, but we have never experienced the loss of any dog due to fire. Fire is a primordial fear that haunts the recesses of all of our minds and when we lose an animal to fire, all of us feel the collective pain. How much worse it must be for the owners of those animals.

Karen and her family are amazing people who have been amazing BFDR supporters over the years. I am sorry beyond words for the horror they have experienced and the devastating grief they are enduring. There are no words of comfort I can offer that will lessen the blow, but I am grateful that Malcolm and Sarge were loved and cared for by Karen and her family. None of us knows the hour of our demise or the manner in which it may come, but I am comforted that these dogs (and their cats) were well-loved family members who got a second chance to feel the grass on their paws and the wind on their face and there are so many that do not. Karen and her family gave these dogs a home when they were homeless and they gave them love and dignity and a sense of belonging which is all any dog wants. I cannot bring them back and I will mourn their loss for a very long time, but I am very sure that I will see them on the other side. Au revoir, boys. You were loved.

And so now we must turn to those who have survived. Let us all honor the memory of those who have been lost by helping those who remain behind. Karen and her family have lost everything they have and they need everything. Let us all come together now to help them. We have compiled a list of things they need right now and these include: clothing, under garments, socks, shoes, bags, sleep wear, toiletries, laundry baskets, towels, make up, gift cards to local restaurants and grocery stores, and supplies for their surviving dogs. They are in Northbridge MA

And then there is Angel Ruby - we saw the very sad post about her on Saturday night as we were looking forward to Sunday's trek with Scooter - yet another example of how sometime love just ain't enough - to quote a favorite song of mine - here is her Facebook Page - with the bittersweet story of how she was finally recovered - more than two months on the run but

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I write this post to all of you...
Sweet Ruby has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. For over 2 months, a small team of wonderful people, worked tirelessly to find and bring her home. Today, with the help of a dog named Trigger, Ruby decided she'd had enough and stopped running. Months on her own had taken a toll. She was surrounded by those who loved her most and, for the first time ever, she rested her head on her foster mom's lap, as if to say "thank you" for letting me go home. Run free, brave, sweet, Ruby. You will never be forgotten

Banjo might have suffered a similar fate had things not worked for him as they did - he might still be out there on his own - but now he'll know love - and Angel Ruby will relish in the great love at The Rainbow Bridge -

A day of emotions - good - bad - and hopeful -

Here's to those angels for a great trip - with free coffee at The Wawa to celebrate the grand reopening of the store - and the cheapest gas The Zen-terra has enjoyed for some time - although it is pretty sad to celebrate $3.259 - 

Here is this week's Photobucket - one video and the usual assortment of pictures - we didn't want to hold up the transport so we didn't take many pictures at the transfer - we know the trip is always subject to traffic issues as it goes from NJ to NY to CT to MA to NH to ME - and we were successful today as Scooter arrived in Brunswick for the last portion of his Sunday 45 minutes early!

Thanks for helping prove RESCUES ROCK!

Now to finally relax for the day as I stage this just after 10pm SUNday night!

Hugz&Khysses From All Of Us At Khyra's Khorner!


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

There has been a lot of sadness this past week and we are all crossing paws for lots of good news to come. That Scooter fellow definitely has Tommy genes in him!

#1 says she is counting the days!


Two French Bulldogs said...

We will keep our paws crossed for Scooter. And Echo was such a beautiful pup, so sad.
Lily & Edward

FiveSibesMom said...

Rescuers do rock! Bravo to you! So very sorry about furangel Echo, such a beautiful furbaby. Thank you for all you do to help pups in need. Safe travels to you always.

Jenna,Mark Drady said...

Oh my dog, I am so sorry :( how sad.
ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

For some reason I cant see any pictures on your blog today. I so agree that there has been far too much sadness around the blogs this week. I hope we get lots of happiness coming up

Sam said...

Love those freckles!

We read about the fire at BFDR - it was so sad.

Monty and Harlow

BeadedTail said...

Oh noes, the sadness at the end made us really, really sad. We're glad the other pups have a new chance at happiness though! So glad Auntie Di was able to go too!

dw said...

Amid all the sadness, know that you helped some adorable pups in transport. And it's sad that I would love to have that 3.259 gas...I saw 3.94 in my neighborhood today.

Karen and Riley