Sunday, June 15, 2014

SUNday Sharing

 Saturday morning
 Inky Dinky
 Trying fur its moment in the sun

 Saturday evening
 So hard to believe they were once weeeee little puffy fluffs!
 One of them really likes the edge of the round part of the building - I khan usually spot one there
 The rain was GONE - and off we went after Mom got home from her week at The GKP
 I rekhall from last year the Evil BroFur likes to nap in the vinkha and lilies - but it looks like my leaving furs last year has kept him away!
 Hurry up and khatch me!!!
 Mom was SUPPOSED to transport this handsome Mal-lie Pup - Thorne - this afternoon - when she saw the transport mail earlier in the week, the leg from Newville to Bethel - about a 70 mile stretch along I81 and then I78 - she ofFURed to do it - The Transport Khoordinator Lady said it was filled - Mom was bummed - and as the days went by, they were desperately trying to fill a few legs in TN - after all, Thorne was khoming from Oxford MS and heading to a foster home in NH - but the last driver legs was Marble-Burro Master Chew Sits - AND they needed the leg from Bethel to Bloomsbury NJ - Mom's wheels and gears started to turn and she realized it wasn't THAT far - especially if it would help the transport from failing so she wrote and ofFURed - and even said she would meet the Newville to Bethel driver in Harrisburg - after all, it would have been silly to pass Thorne on the highway - and that was the plan - she was SO khraving something Belgian - imagine the bittersweet news she woke to Saturday - the transport was khancelled since they had found a foster for him much khloser to where he was in Mis-sis-ippi
 She was planning to dedikhate the day to Danny and his person - who was murdered along with two other RCMP's - the news stories about Danny's reakhtion at the funeral and procession just broke our hearts - 
We hope Danny's Person was welkhomed by all of the khanine angels at the sekhtion of The RB where the service khanines gather to share tales of their khrime fighting days

Some have wondered what would bekhome of Danny - here is a link to The RCMP website where they addressed what was in store at this point -

Our sympathies and khondolences to all affekhted by this horrible akht of unhuman stupidity - 

Happy SUNday EvFURRYone!



Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Sorry the transport fell through for your mum. I saw the story of the woofie and saw him trying to get to his masters hat. There are indeed some evil stupid person in the world.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello khyra its dennis the vizsla dog hay aaaiiieee is that a jiant spider wawking arownd in frunt of the falcon cam??? aaaiiiieeee!!! that storry abowt the mowntie dog sownds so sad espeshly after reeding angel ginger jaspers komment abowt the hat that dada is afrayd to eeven go luk at it!!! wot is rong with peepul??? ok bye

Jenna,Mark Drady said...

awww.....I did nit hear about that
:( that is just so sad. And those pictures definitely show the bond they must have had.
Thank you for sharing this.
ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!