Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday Telling

 As we shared on Monday, today is the day I'll share the fun from Sunday's special fellas!

 This was a sure omen of a great transport

Percherons for Tommy and The Chans and #1!
 Since I was meeting their driver at a McD's just off the Carlisle interchange of The PA Turnpike, I took it - 

 It was khool to drive into the sunset - and it almost made for an interesting view out the back as I headed towards Lancaster - you'll see that soon

 Lovely Angel RH coloring!

 At first, both of them were lounging in the back but then Brooks decided he would take on the role of shotgun
 Gator loved to watch out the back and the sides - see what I mean about the view out the back?
 He was an introspective sort!
 HIA and TMI as I crossed over the Susquehanna 
 This week's blurry view of Harrisburg
 Got this shot whilst waiting to pay the toll as I took I283 towards Lancaster to meet Donna in Smoketown

 Our meeting spot was The Smoketown VCA - it was a really nice spot as there was a little brick walking path - just bummed it was SO dark - plus, there was an airstrip right behind the place - and I got to see a small plane land - it would have been awesome to see it with more daylight but things happen with transports that are out of our control -

 When I went back to get their luggage - and the toys another driver had sent along with them - Brooks jumped back in - 
 Mission Accomplished - Transport #20 for 2013 with Passengers 81 and 82!

 She TOTALLY got in to the message!
Yep, Rescues Rock!!!

Fun times - again, sorry I couldn't get better shots for these two deserved it - I did see some interesting license plates along the way - WINKS 00 - PIP SQEAK - and RU JELLY on a tricked and tuned VW -

Here is the Photobucket - I've included the pictures sent along by some of the drivers from others leg of their journey - there is one video I did get in Carlisle - 

We hope you enjoy them!

Happy Tuesday EvFURRYone!

Hugz&Khysses From Khyra's Khorner 


Two French Bulldogs said...

Good job riding shotgun Brooks. Hope you knew the directions! Good job and kudos to you for transporting
Benny & Lily

Geetalima Dutta said...

How lovely to see you after so long, Khyra. Thanks to your Mom for always helping so many like Brooks. It sure makes a whole lot of difference.
Have a great week ahead
Ginger, Buddy n Shadow

Taffy said...

Khyra, looks like you gave those blankets a good sniffing! And, it looks like your mom had another great transport!

Elyse K said...

Khyra, it looks like you checkhed out those blankets thoroughly! ((HUGS)) Those are two handsome transport guests!