Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday MOMday

I'm savouring the wee bit of snow that is left!
There is nothing like the feel of it under my paws!


Now time fur me to turn this ovFUR to Mom!

Thanks Khyra!

As I left a golfer went by!

Now for the dedication part of the transport

The Awesome K From Colorado fighting the evil c monster - no CAPS for that beast

A special angel who joined the transport - when I looked at my phone Sunday morning, I saw a FB post from Maggie and Mitch's mom - I knew the news we knew would be coming but hadn't wanted to see would be on the blog - and it was - so I hoped Angel Maggie would come along - and she did - and she sent signs along the way - more about that below

Of course, I knew I could count on Angel The Bleu - as his brother The Angel The Luke had made the journey with me a bit over a year ago - sadly, I forgot to bring the shirt along with me


The first YELLOW for MURRAY I captured with the camera - I had passed a Mustang with a PA plate of BMBLE BE - but couldn't snag a shot!

Shotgun Sonny


PAWSylvania - and one state closer!

Sorry - a bit blurry but I felt it was worth keeping here - such an intense yet sweet look - of course, I had lots of these looks from him!

YELLOW for MURRAY - and lots fence posting heading to a furever home of its own!

Yes, you guessed it! His overnight hosts had sent this along with him as he had taken a liking to it whilst he was enjoying their hospitality!

Jezebel was back there - with the luggage as I call it!

With Dulcee and Maple over here!

More of THE LOOK!


Still smaller than a certain Lakie Rear From Da Burgh - Khyra had me paw that one!

We were passing the Scotland Exit - and the Chambersburg Mall when he decided to watch out his side

And share his SNOOF PRINT!

I had a shot and he decided to nose in on it!

A Paw Fur K!


Some more YELLOW for MURRAY

And one of the signs from Angel Maggie I had mentioned - the first one was a Blue Heron that cruised just above The Xterra as I was about to connect with I81 - then I passed another of this trucking company's vehicles - I thought about snagging a shot then but didn't - then a bit beyond Greencastle - and home of Big Brown Chester Hoover - I saw a flock of peacocks - another sign from Maggie as she and her brother Mitch LOVED their bird pals - so when I saw this Big G truck on the way back North, I knew I had to take a picture - WHY? For those that don't know, Maggie's dad is GEORGE - and I know he's HER Big G - PLUS, the company is headquartered in SHELBYville TN - appropriate since Maple The Pup is now known as SHELBY!

More of Sonny's winning ways!

His coy look!

His introspective one

Watching his new world getting closer and closer!


The magnet on the vehicle ahead of us off the Exit 69 ramp summed up the transport quite well - glad the traffic light allowed us the chance to snag it!

Dulcee - now known as Angel getting ready for the trek to Allentown

Shelby Maple sending love to her foster mom and wishing her well as her OTHER special foster project approaches the final months!

The Look of LOVE!

Jezebel sharing her brownie love too!

Harrisburg with some ANGEL BLEU sky!


Mission Accomplished!!!!

I wanted to include this artsty shot

What a day! Despite the sadness in our hearts for the three angels above us, the special cargo helped balance it - and kept The Circle of Life going!

Here is the link to The Photobucket Album - lots of pics - of course, mostly of Shotgun Sonny - and three videos -

Please also visit The Rotts N Pups FB page for lots and lots and lots of other pictures of the transport!!!!

BTW, have I mentioned how RESCUES ROCK????

Hugz&Khysses From Khyra's Khorner!

She'll be back tomorrow with lots of stuff she wants to tell about!


Kari in Vegas said...

What a face!!!

Stop on by for a visit

bichonpawz said...

Oh my goodness, your shotgun rider, Sonny, is a real sweetheart!!! Such a joy to ride with! Glad that you had a friendly guy next to you...our hearts were heavy today...missing Maggie...may she Rest in Peace.

Bless you for all you do for these special dogs!

Mitch and angel Maggie said...

We need to thank your mom again and again for all she does for rescue, Khyra. Angel Maggie was honored to be a part of this transport and in such good company.

We love you,
Mitch and Sue


The angels were definitely guiding your momma today. Such a sad weekend but you r right. The circle of life happens and sweet transports.

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Whoo know what we are going to say, don't whoo? RESCUE ROCKS! Thank whoo to your mom and all the other helpers. xxxxx

Gus said...

We loved the pictures of Sonny. He is a real camera hound! Truly a group of cuties, with a wonderful band of angels on guard.

gussie n teka

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Khyra, we think your Mom was a bit smitten with Sonny, don't you?

And you and Sonny seem to both love that snow, as we do too if only we had some:(

Great tribute to K - we are all pulling for her. And equally wonderful words for our pals Maggie and Bleu.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

KB said...

Your mom is really special, Khyra. She helps so many rescues to get closer to their forever homes. We are honored that we were part of the dedication, along with the beloved angels.

Priscilla said...

Ahh, look at Sonny. What a beautiful face!

We miss beautiful Maggie so much too!

euthymic said...

Sonny has a most expressive face. Your mom is great because she takes care of so many dogs who have no humans to love them:)

Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh Khyra you look pathetic on your last bit of snow, BOL. Poor baby
Benny & Lily

brandi said...

What a gorgeous face! Sonny is so sweet!
Thank you once again for all your time and effort and love. Rescuers are...well, there are no words for such wonderful beans other than YOU ROCK!

SissySees said...

I cried when I saw Maggie's news... and then sent a special hug to my local airedale buddy!

Jan said...

So many looks of love from your special cargo.

Misty and my minions

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock said...

What beautiful pups!

We are making the journey with K in spirit and enjoy every stunning photo that KB takes of her, both of them a study in grace and courage.

The snow here has been a disappointing non-event so far, Khyra.


Ginger Jasper said...

The circle of life indeed. sadness all around once again and then these gorgeous cuties getting to have new loving homes and be safe from harm. orgeous pictures and what brilliant signs from Maggie. She was watching for sure. You are so right rescues rock.. Hugs GJ xx

The Mom said...

My The Boys... The Bleu and The Luke... were pleased to travel with you. I just know it. We're all so very grateful for all you do for rescue...

For all you do for us, the comfort and support... the honors and memorials... words can't express our gratitude.

Sending love to Miss Khyra and her The Mom,

Bleu's The Mom

BeadedTail said...

Our mommy is in love! Okay, we are all in love with Sonny! Such a special transport with special transportees too!

Redberry Cottage said...

Khyra we think your mom is an angel living here on earth! :)

Nina, Myshka, Sasha, Betsy, Lucy, Phoebe and Lily

The Websters said...

Sonny was so big! I'm sure no one wanted to mess with you on that ride.



Clive said...

What a great transport your Mom did, Khyra. Sonny is a beautiful dog!

Huge thanks for remembering Murray again in the middle of everything! Really appreciate it - he was delighted with all his yellow pics!!

We were so sad to read about Maggie. Mitch and herself are two of our oldest friends here in blogland.

We have just read George's tribute - amid floods of tears. It was such a magnificent tribute to Maggie.

Again, many thanks for all that you do,
best wishes
Murray's Mom

Keisha said...

I luv reskyoos. :). :)

Tucker said...

Sonny is adorable - can I keep him? I luvs me a rottie.

woof - Tucker

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

New lives, new chances being given under the watchful guidance of so many angel spirits. Thank you.

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Dear Khyra, We are ghappy for you that you can at least dip your toes in the leftover snow! That sure was an interesting transport trip, with very cool pictures too. It was a nice memorial for our buddies who have just crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Your mommy is a very good egg for doing pooch transport. Bless her.
Smooches from pooches,
BabyRD & Hootie