Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday MOMday

But furst a glimpse of ME!!!
And to share the dedikhation fur Sunday's Hagerstown to Harrisburg leg - furst of all, Granite State Dog Recovery - an INKHREDIBLE group - please chekhk them out HERE - and then HERE!!!

We also dedikhated it to Daunte - he's the one laying in the snow - that's his brother Koda with him - Daunte khrossed Saturday evening - another one beaten by the evil c - his was in his lungs and abdomen - his furst hu-mom is SummV's Mummi - he was born in their bedroom - and went to live with a nice lady named Liz - I almost got to meet them when we were in Des Moines - but it was kind of late on Sunday night so we didn't -

Mom wore the Iowa HAWKeye hoodie Summiiii sent my mom last year fur the transport - and saw SOOOO many hawks along the way - she didn't khount but had she done so, she thinks it might have been two of those dozen things!

Just as Mom khrossed into Merryland, the station she was listening to played THIS SONG - and Mom said she khried AND sang along - this song was still playing as she sat at the light near McD's to wait fur Passengers 4 and 5 for 2012 - and now Daunte's as free as a bird now - and this bird khan not change - just like we Siberians khan't not be what we are!

Wear your Silver Harness with pride as woo race North of The Rainbow Bridge

Thanks Khyra

Off I go

The light by what I call Whitney's B&B - also known as The York County SPCA -where Khyra was incarcerated prior to coming into my life

Yes, the sky was THIS blue!

The first YELLOW for MURRAY I could snag on my side of the highway - actually, this was in Maryland as I listened to Free Bird - actually listened again as I put this post together -

It was just wrapping up as I waited at the light for McD's - and saw the second YELLOW for MURRAY - a very fitting one in fact!

Lucille thought I should be shotgun today but I convinced she'd appreciate the chance to rest up for meeting her family

She agreed that was a good idea!

Alisa was happy in her crate - and snoozed almost the entire way from Hagerstown to Harrisburg

Lucille's colouring was incredible

She was stunning - and I told her over and over how beautiful she was - and although RuthAnn and Marcia mentioned how she picked a fine time to leave them, I preferred to think of THIS LUCILLE - and THAT is what I'm listening to for this part of the post production!

She promptly found many ways to get comfy -

Note to self - MUCH better job of capturing the Welcome to PAWSylvania sign this week!

Lucille was still happy on the door rest

This was another favourite -

and this one

The picture didn't quite capture the plate but it says HOUSE

As Lucille pondered her HOME!!!

Another one with eyes that just lured you in to love her

Thankful to have found The Village that got her out of Dillon SC and eventually to Atlanta GA to work her way North to NJ!

With a stop in Harrisburg PA!

Sadly, there aren't many pictures of Alisa in what I took - since it was 28 of our F degrees - with a windchill of upper teens, she didn't spend much time out in the elements - but you'll see plenty of them in the Photobucket from her Saturday travels - including her with her namesake Alisa The Human Driver - you will see a video of her playing with her toys and showing off her puppy cuteness - I did get a picture of her with her family that I'll let Khyra share on Tuesday's post

I am quite envious of Lucille's family as she is one special pup

Elegant and loving

Ready to trust again

Now that she'll only know happy times in NJ!

Those eyes are saying THANK YOU to all that made this happen for her and for Alisa!

This week's view of Harrisburg

South towards York

Mission Accomplished!

Please take some time to enjoy the Photobucket - there are five videos - and LOTS of pictures - some from my Sunday leg AND lots from their Saturday legs - including more of the handsome Spottie Boy Probie - AND some of Alisa and Lucille in the snow early Sunday morning - what lucky pups - Khyra was quite jealous!

Here is the link for the PHOTOBUCKET for this week's journey HOME for Alisa and Lucille!

Thank you to everyone associated with Rotts 'n Pups!!! Please be sure to check out their Facebook page!

I know Khyra mentioned the awesome work Granite State Dog Recovery does - I urge you to check them out - you'll be in awe of their efforts - as I mentioned in the dedication video, part of the reason I chose them is they are in the same state as The GKP is headquarted - GSDR is in Salem and The GKP is in Keene - and since this past week was my one year workaversary, it just seemed appropriate to feature GSDR!


Have a great week evFURRYone as Khyra is prone to pawing!

Hugz&Khysses From Khyra's Khorner


Jan said...

Our human cried when she heard the song about the free bird and again when she saw the dog eyes.

She's pretty weird.

Misty and my minions

T. Maxx said...

Hi Khyra and mom!
Happy Monday!
What a magnificent Monday post! Mom got all teary eyed too..
We'll light a candle for your special fur-iend. :)

Maxx and mommy

Gus said...

Very great post! y'all have a great day before the KhMom has to go visit the GKP.

gussie n teka

Unknown said...

Lucille is so pretty and she has beautiful eyes!

Thanks for sharing the song too, it has been a long time I haven't heard it.

SissySees said...

So sorry to hear the evil C has taken another precious life.

Beautiful passengers you had too!

bbes tribe said...

Pawsome post. Lucille is beauteous!!! Great loving eyes and fabulous coloring. Alisa is a cutie too. Thank you for taking us along on your transport and sharing with us. C is evil and we are sorry to hear it has taken another ...

Pedro said...

Oh my goodness! Lucille is BEAUTIFUL! She reminds me (and my mom) of Ziggy!!!


♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Very nice post, Khyra. We are sad to hear about Daunte - we know Summi and his Mom and send them our soft woos and gentle hugs.

Both Lucille and Alisa were beauties. Mom just loved Lucille's gentle eyes and all the puppy cuteness of Alisa. Glad to know they both have great homes.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Delightful passengers you had this week!

Khyra, come over and visit! We have white stuff!

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Oh, and that nasty, evil c...we so hate it!!! We will go leave some purrs for them!

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Ok, we didn't find a link so we are leaving our purrs of sympathy here for Daunte and his family.

Tama-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette, Ollie said...

Gorgeous Lucille!!!!

Funny about that song. It dates from the time when #1 was at university and there was one guy she knew who just loved that song, always playing it, over and over again. He is now a High Court Judge on the Queen's Bench!

I'm having a GREAT time with the girls!


Teddy Westlife said...

Hooray for new homes for deserving dogs!

Anonymous said...

i love reading these rescue/transport stories. Lucille is a doll.

and Khyra, lovin that stance! is that your Khat walk?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so sorry that Daunte had to go to the Bridge. Run free, Daunte.

And gosh, what Most Beautiful passengers you had. You can tell that Lucille is very, very special. I hope she has a very much wonderful life with her new family.

Wiggles & Wags,

Clive said...

Another great transport! Your Mom is wonderful Khyra and she always finds time to remember some 'yellow' for Murray!

Many thanks!!!!
- Clive & Co

Two French Bulldogs said...

What a post! Lucille is so purrty
Benny & Lily

The Gang at LLB said...

We always love to read your transport posts!!

Dory, Jakey and Bilbo

Jack & Moo said...

We were furry sad to hear about Daunte too (feels like losing part of our blog family), but we trust he's in God's Good Paws now with all our furiends North of the bridge. Mom says she'd have had a hard time letting Lucille go any farther on her journey - what a sweetheart! We send her love vibes & wishes for all the best in her new home!

jack & moo

BeadedTail said...

Well you know our mommy is leaky! But she's also in love with Lucille!

KB said...

I love your dedication to Daunte. I hate the evil C but I hope that he is running free.

I love your lucky passengers!

Lorenza said...

I wish them the best!
Kisses and hugs

Kari in Alaska said...

She looks ready to trust again

Stop on by for a visit

Summit the Super Mal said...

Woo there PG~
Thanks so furri much for honoring our special pal, Daunte. Mom sure did love him but she knows he IS free as a bird now...soaring through the skies to the North in all his dazzling beauty. Woo do such good work and those pictures even show how much your passengers really "know". Thanks to all the blogger furiends for their kind words for Daunte, Liz and Mom.
Keep it furri, mi BEG,

Nanük said...

Lucille is beautiful, and what a pawsome day for a transport! Play bows,