Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Khaturday Sharing

Norwood is sooooo furry pawsome with his i(Lily)Pad
Tula Monstah was kind enough to send this along

and this to remind Rocky The Xterra was a good thing

There were no sightings Thursday night/Friday early morning but then at 8:38 Mom's khrakhkberry got a message he had been seen in the last 10-15 minutes - and then another message arrived a bit before 10:00 that he was right in the area where one of the food stations/trap areas had been set - but he ran off before he khould be rekhaptured - SOOOOO as you read this post, we are there OR on our way bakhk from there -
Prakhticing my looking fur Rocky
Visualising him just ovFUR there
Thursday night we saw the moon rising
So I had Mom zoom in on it
When we got bakhk to the house, look who was waiting nearby fur a photoshoot
Butterskhotch - and her furiend Firefly
Doing her best evil khritter look
Then BroFur khame ovFUR fur a turn
He's on the left; she's on the right
OMD! Mom touched her again
Ha Ha Khyra!
He was doing his best sultry glare
Sorry 'bout the slightly out of fokhus shots - this time of night is tough to shoot - in fakhk there were more pikhs but they were way too wonky to use
Doing her best dog imitation!
He's sharpening his khlaws!
Then turns on his sweet look

We did hit the road a bit after 6pm Friday - and one of the last things we did was mark as read what was in our Google Reader - we expekht to be away form the khomputer fur most of the night and day - and when we do return to Pawsylvania, one of us will need to grab a nap!

Thanks again fur your understand AND support fur Rocky!




Jan said...

You are doing such good workh. Just be sure to wash the khat smell off your fingers.

Misty the alpha Poodle

houndstooth said...

We sure hope Rocky is found safe and sound soon! It's always a scary thing when they're missing!


TwoSpecialWires said...

We'd like to think that Butterscotch is meditating and sending positive zen toward Rocky and his rescuers in that last picture. He looks so focused and intent.

With still crossed paws,
Jake and Fergi

Tweedles -- that's me said...

oh the moon
oh the kittys getting loving
oh the Khyra visualizing

Wild Dingo said...

OMD! she touched a KHAT? i hope she washed her hands! the KHOOOTIES she could have and transfer to you are unimaginable!

Looks like Butterscotch has pantyloons of his own. I'm just sayin...

Maya said...

hello khyra!
long time no see.
my brother used to have a blog about our dog called Travis, and your mommy followed my blog the writing room.
they are some cute kitties and we hope that rocky is found soon.
i have a kitty now, his name is harley and he has his very own blog.
We would love it if you could come over and check it out.

BeadedTail said...

We hope Rocky is found soon! Thank you Khyra and Phyll for helping him find his way home!

Butterscotch and Brofur sure know how to turn on the charm! The cats around here do that too but I'm not fooled either!


Teddy Bear said...

We've still got our paws crossed. This weekend, Rocky must be found!

Teddy Bear

Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

The kitties are taking over your blog, my puppy pal!!

ocmist said...

We were SOoooo far behind and when we first read about Rocky when he first disappeared, we had to read through all of the rest of the posts to see if he had been found yet. Grammy is praying that you will find him this weekend and bring him to a safe furever home! Please be careful, Khyra's Mom, too, on the long drive since you've been stressing all week long.

(Whispering) Khyra... you have C-A-T-S on your blog!!! There's even a human hand getting ready to TOUCH one! Be careful, MOST cats are treacherous, though you might find a few that think they are dogs and those kind are ok...

Mango said...

Good luck this weekend.

Hey, why is the DOH touching that kitteh? Cooties!


1000 Goldens said...

I love the Rocky illustration, it is so cute! We sure hope he finds his way home soon.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I hope Rocky comes home soon too!! Be safe this weekend!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I hope this is the day that Rocky is found!!!

The Thundering Herd said...

Just reading your FB updates as I am leaving this message. Amazing with so many sightings, that Rocky has still come home. He may actually be more elusive than a Siberian!

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

We hope you will be able to return home with good news. Rocky, pay attention and come back to your friends.

BM and Brofur sure put on a great show for your Mom. We have to admit they are very pretty kitties.

We got to play under the full moon late last night. It was really big and the skies were so clear. Hope it helped in the search.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Maggie Mae said...

I really hopes that Rocky is found soon too.

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Frankie Furter said...

Ewwwwwww your mom TOUCHED a CAT??? I hope you made her wash off the Khat Germs!!
Rocky Come Home!!!!

K9friend said...

Gosh, I was hoping to hear good news about Rocky. Good luck in the search!


Gus said...

sending terrier vibes to help waft Xhterra scents to Rocky.

gussie n teka

Heather and Ellie said...

Good Luck!!! Can't wait to see if he's found soon.

Looks like the kitties are doing fine :)

♥I am Holly♥ said...

What beautiful pictures of everyone. We are so hoping that Rocky is found and we are still saying prayers and have paws crossed. You are doing so much work to find Rocky and get him back home. Thank you so much! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

Wyatt said...

Hi Khats!


P.S. Rocky is a real rascal. He must be so scared....we have all our paws crossed!


Bijou said...

We are keeping our paws and fingers crossed that Rocky will be found soon!


Anonymous said...

Good luck, Khyra and Khyra's Mom! Me and Brudder Ranger have our paws crossed super duper tight that you will be able to gets him home!

Wiggles & Wags,

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh Khyra...we soooooooo hope you can find that sweet boy...we terriers all have our paws crossed!

What a small connected world this is...

We will keep Rocky and all the searchers in our prayers!!!

Cute KHATS in those the markings....

Khisses to you and your mom, dear Khyra!

Laciekhins XXOO

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

Looks like you and the kittehs are going to be grrrrreat friends!! We are still praying that Rocky is found!!

Woofs and Kisses!
The Fiesty Three

Ms. ~K said...

We miss having a kitty!!!
Paws still crossed for Rocky!
Hugs to Mom,

Keisha said...

I hope Rocky is home safe really soon. :)

the booker man said...

miss khyra,
i think that you and your mama are so most wonderful to help find rocky!! i sure hope ya'll and the xterra are just what he needs to come out of hiding. we've got our paws and finger 'n toes crossed for rocky!
the booker man

pee s -- please make sure your mama washes that icky kitty smell off of her hands. ewwww.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We wish you a SAFE trip! And a quick capture for Rocky.

Joe Stains said...

We are just khatching up on the blogs and facebook and saw about Rocky. We sure are sending lots of vibes so that handsome boy is found.


Woof Khyra,

Holy Puppy Poop!!! We just can't believe that your Mom touched that khreature. And we're saying our puppy prayers for Rocky.

Desert Pups,
Toby, Norman, Keiko and The Ghost of Scuba.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Khyra!
I will be here waiting for good news!
Paws crossed!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

JackDaddy said...

What is that on Butterscotch in the one picture? It looks like a fishhook!

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

We are sure hoping that Rocky gets caught soon. We don't like hearing that he is still on the loose. Bad things can happen. One good thing is that he is still being spotted.
We love the posters from Tula and Norwood..
Those kitties are getting a lot of Mom's attention Khyra.. You better sneak in for some of that yourself...

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Sierra Rose said...

Oh my! Rocky...just come home!!! Best wishes friends. We've been anxiously awaiting for some good news about Rocky.
Sweet pix, we'll see you again soon.

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Samantha said...

I am hopehopehoping that Rocky has been found by right NOW!!! We haven't been by to visit recently Khyra to comment on Rocky, but know all about him except his whereabouts. We've been crossing legs, paws, fingers and toes (some of us) and send huge amounts of golden adult and puppy vibes that he, in fact, has been found by now. Glad to hear that he has been spotted, but hope he's gotten soon. He must be so scart. We're thinking about him and you, dear Khyra!
Big Hugs and Love xoxoxoxo
Sammie and Avalon and Oz
Bootiful pix of Butterscotch and brofer!

Danielle said...

We hope Rocky will be caught soon... he sounds kind of wary of people right now.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Rocky, come home!

Mr Koda MD said...

Definately a match there, shes not "practicing" her evil look, she is scheming!

Paws crossed for Rocky's capture

Cheyenne -Millie said...

We hope that Rocky is ok. We also hope all goes well! We are purring and praying!

Butterskhotch is a funny evil kritter!!

Monty says "Hi Khyra!"

Clive said...

Thinking of Rocky here and wishing that he's found soon ...

Make sure your Mom looks after herself Khyra with all the work she's doing to help find Rocky!

take care
Clive and the NSLM

River said...

We are praying for Rocky's return! It sounds like it's getting close.

love & wags,

The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

We have all of our paws crossed for Rocky to be found. Mom even has her legs crossed too!!

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Everyone, especially you and your mom, are doing so much to help that scared boy! Mom keeping the network up to date is SO helpful! We continue to send woos to come out and be rescued to Rocky and encouragement to all involved in bringing him home. Hey, Khyra, do you think Butterscotch would volunteer to man one of the feeding stations just as a policewomen who pretend they are hookers do? Just a crazy thought...

Thor and Marco Polo and Mama Cat said...


Mom and Us are hoping that you can find Rocky and get him back home! It makes us so sad to think about him afraid and alone!
Two matching kitty-kats - They would be so much fun to chase!
Thor and Marco Polo

Batu said...

Hi Butterscotch - you look like you own that patch of grass - what does Khyra think of that?
Hope Rocky comes home soon.

Emma Rose said...

We hope you have some good news soon.

Emma rose

Junior and Orion said...

We love seeing Butterscotch and Brofur!