Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Walkin' Wednesday 2018 With...

 Wet times at The Palace -
 Thanks PA Game Commission - we khan't get enough Eagle time -
 The Disppearing Reappearing Egg - Lucy ate one of 'em - and has buried this from time to time but....she is using it a training tool - since she's young, she's not been the most gentle with it - in fakht, some of the humans in the FB group said it's like a baby they give HS puppies to prakhtice with
 Mom took some pikhs in the SUN on Monday - and had already planned NOT to do a video this week -

 As she wanted to do a khlean up in Aisle 28 - pikhs from last week - and since today is the 28th...
 When Auntie Di and Mom stopped at Leg Up Farmers Market last week, it was RR time -
 And Mom snapped this fur those wild and khrazy Horvath HuMOMS  - this planted EarWorms of Kinks tunes too -


We did get a walk in prior to the arrival of the rain - and toast too!

Sadly, it's THAT day again - 




Molly the AireGirl said...

Look at all of the snow that you still have in your neighborhood! We have to look VERY hard to find any at all!

Unknown said...

Oh dog that poor little chicky chick must be wondering what's going on.