Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Walkin' NOT Wednesday 2018

 Someone's mom surely khropped this khrooked :-)
 The PM shot looks a bit better but Mom didn't see any PF's during the times she chekhked -
 From SUNday -

 Here's why we didn't get the chance to do a video fur today - Auntie Di and Mom saw this plate at the MAIN DMV - we sent the picture to Angel Summi's Mummi - 
And this really khool Hyundai Tuscon Night will live in The Khottage's drive eventually but....

I'll let Mom tell the tale now:

SOOOO, Auntie Di decided she needed a vehicle better ready to handle PA weather - she and Uncle Paul did some looking - and found some 2017's available - one in Harrisburg so we went there Tuesday morning - WELL, the first thing that HAD to be done was to get her a PA license - the dealer couldn't sell her anything without that - the main DMV was only a mile or so down the street - so off we went - in the new vehicle of course - all part of the test drive - they parked - they took a ticket - gee, wait time of 92 MINUTES - so wait we did - and when the number was being served, we discovered we needed a birth certificate and some pieces of mail to show she did live here now - and something else we'll mention later - soooo, back to The Khottage to get THOSE things - good thing, once you surive the initial wait, you don't have to wait next time - you just go back to the person working on your change - WELL, we neglected to notice Diane needed her SOCIAL SECURITY CARD - so you guessed it, back we went HOPING it was with the birth certificate  - WELL, it wasn't - so back to Harrisburg we went  this time to reclaim The CrossTrek and update the dealership - 

UNBELIEVABLE - 87 trips up and back - thank dog and praise cheeses it was only ~20 miles EACH time  BUT - the weather was icky - not snowing but snowing - the river made the crossing around Harrisburg very foggy - and the LONG wait at the DMV a test on many levels - but.......

So Auntie Di is off to get a replacement card today - so once she has that, she do the license thing then we'll return to claim her Tuscon!

AND to put a cherry on the ordeal, on the way home - the 87 time - the salesman called wondering if we had the temporary tag they had put on the vehicle so we could drive it for it wasn't there - well, it must have fallen off at some point - I KNOW it was there the first time we left PennDot - I saw it on the back but after that.....and we were passed by at least one cop on the second return trip - 

Yep, a perfect way to spend a snowy yet not snowy day - so NO walk for us - so NO video for this week!

All this AND back to The GKP for me later today!

Happy Wednesday EvFURRYone!

Khyra's Mom
P.S. It is a very nice vehicle - even if it is an automatic - and YES. adult beverages were consumed Tuesday evening!


Molly the AireGirl said...

What a hectic day that was! Auntie Di's new car is beautiful!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Mom had to get her license renewed and luckily she had all her documents in order. The marriage license certificate that she had to show proof of name change was pretty dried like parchment:) but it did the trick. She was very fortunate that we have a log in online and get a "virtual" place in line. Only took about 15 minutes to do. Hope the license AND new wheels all come together nicely.

Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

Unknown said...

BOL what a crazy day. It sounds like what would happen in Spain.

We hope it all works out just fine, eventually.


Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello khyra its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow that shoor is a lot of bak and forth and forth and bak and sutch!!! the hyooman shoor is komplikayted with all its littel bits of payper and dokyoomints and wotnot i shoor am glad that it is not my job to deel with that stuf!!! ok bye