Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thursday Thinking

 Mom khaptured this one Tuesday night whilst we were going to bed - it was raining - so The Eagle-brella was deployed!
 Now assorted shots from Wednesday -

 Oh which bus to poobomb!

 The return of The Headless PF!

 Yep - windy and wet!

 Now fur our weekly thinking....

 BTW, Holly was in all those spots within 87 sekhonds ;-)

 Sleeping off Tuesday's excitement - 
 Greeting our AM visitor -
Keeping an eye on Mom - 

We would like to thank evFURRYone fur the kind words here and on FB - Mom still keeps using the word SURREAL -  she's actually not khwite as sore as she expekhted to be - and her finger still works although it is pretty fugly - Mom spent some of Wednesday napping - so we did too - it was too wet to walk but she did leash us to go ALL the way to the mail box ;-)

As we were putting this together, one of the staff from the business where it all happened stopped by to check on us - she asked around to find out where we lived - she shared some more - what their sekhurity khameras showed - someone ran a stop sign which resulted in hitting the woman in The Jeep Liberty khausing her to go out of knontrol and towards us - their khamera doesn't khonfirm if we were hit or not  they saw us go flying but - and she did reveal something I had told Mom - I flew up too - but I guess bekhause I'm so fluffy, I bounced - and it did seem that Holly was headed home as she was on her way 'here' when someone grabbed her leash - 

I do think we'll have some 'material' for next week's Walkin' Wednesday!

As is the 'norm' fur Mom's bakhk to work posts - but even more so THIS week -


Happy Thursday EvFURRYone!



Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh my gosh how terrifying. So happy you are ok
Lily & Edward

Millie and Walter said...

We missed reading yesterday's post until today and are very happy that you all are okay. That security camera footage was probably kind of scary to see. It's nice to see that so many people came to your aid and even checked up on you.

Molly the AireGirl said...

That was such a scary thing to have happen. We are so relieved that you girls weren't hurt!