Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tuesday Telling

 The khamera was stukhk on this view fur some of SUNday and early Monday - 
 it was 'fixed' and whilst Mom was watching, he swooped in fur HIS spot!

 Sooooo, here is our exciting SUNday - betcha think it looks furry much like our Saturday night - 
 CBS SUNday - Mom enjoyed the piece on The Nice Maureen Dowd Lady - and then The Talented Phil Collins Guy who isn't dead yet!

 HOVER paws!

 MORE Hover paws!

 Yep - HOVERING yet again...or is that still?
 Mom made a vat of this - she started out with just some onions and mushrooms and kharrots and sausage and rice the started adding - the sounds we've heard would indikhate it was tasty -
 When she went to Sheetz fur her paper and free M&M's, she treated herself to some of their featured Makh&Cheetos!
 Again, the noises would indikhate they were tasty - not that we would be able to tell woo 
 SUNday afternoon fun...

 What - MORE hover paw!

 Mom did some shrimp in a ginger lemonade to use as the garnish fur the vat-o-stuff - this khontainer if fur Unkhle Paul...Mom also gave some to Fred and to our furiend - 
This was her dinner - she was happy with how it turned out - good thing...she's got more fur Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday ;-)

Monday was walk - ROTE - walk with some naps sprinkled in there!

Happy Tuesday EvFURRYone!


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Two French Bulldogs said...

Phil Collins isn't dead? BOL wake up, look what's in the kitchen
Lily & Edward