Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Walkin' Wednesday 2015

 Lord PF's turn on Tuesday -
 Not sure if this is permanent or just playing - 

 We were furry impressed with his flexibility!

 Sunset khlosing in on SCPA!
 More from Monday's BIG walk -

 Tuesday's furst walk - it was the 1.70 mile route - we got to see Tio/Theo the Husky Puppy again but Mom was a bit slow on the KhrakhkBerry draw -

 And speaking of BOYS -
 By the time woo see this post 
 HE'LL be here at Khamp Khyra -
He sent this to Auntie Di on SUNday night - hoping she would feel sorry fur him and let him khome khamping :-)

Holly and I helped Auntie Di and Mom with some more trips to The Khottage with 'stuff' - Holly was even brave enough to ride along with me in the khar with Auntie Di - of khourse, Auntie Di petted her the entire time - and we khould see Mom just behind us so all was well -

Time to send Mom bakhk to The GKP - and start the KHOME ON SATURDAY NIGHT khountdown!

Happy Wednesday EvFURRYone!



Molly the Airedale said...

I go all spazzy too when other dogs come near. We gotta tell them off, right?!

Love ya lots♥

Two French Bulldogs said...

Some buddy is a hoarder
Lily & Edward