Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday MOMSandMEandHERandMOREday

 Some SUNday early evening shots - Lady PF

 Then his turn -

 Ready to roll on the furst of 87 trips - well, just three but 
 Holly was up with Mom -
 Auntie Di sat in the middle sits since there were things on the front - I was in Tailgunner sekhtor -
 Heading down the hall - towards the bedrooms and human litter box -
 Living room -
 I've khlaimed fur Siberians evFURRYwhere!
 Blurry since Mom was still running on nervous energy -  TADN will be thrilled this rug has made the move to The Khottage -
 Waiting to go bakhk in -
 Our neighbors on the one side are two Barkets - mean Bassets - 

 I was chekhking out the khanine on the other end of my yard - where the two big trees are - not sure if it is a she or he - we'll say she fur now bekhause she's khwite beaWOOtiful - looks like a chokhokholoured Dobie - she sat at the end of her tether and watched - she only barked a few greetings unlike the Barkets ;-)
 This was in the front seat - Mom didn't want it to get bent or anything - we got this at one of the furst Tails on The Trails we went to - Mom KNEW the kholour was a sure sign it was to go on the furst trip -

 The next two trips had us ride separately - The Zen-terra was filled with stuff - so I went with Auntie Di - we just KNEW a certain Holly wouldn't be happy to NOT be with Mom so I let her go in The Zen-terra - of khourse, I love TADN's Acura so it was a WinWin!

 After the 87th trip - I mean the 3rd, all of us were pretty wiped out - 

It will be okay Mom - IT...WILL...BE...OKAY!

Here is a video of us and the furst visit to Khyra's Khottage - it is pretty babbly as Mom is still pretty much in shokhk that THIS will be our HOME furry years to khome - we've got lots of trips with small things - and medium things that khan fit in The Zen-terra or The Acura - Mom is still trying to figure how to teleport some FURniture there - STAYED TUNED FUR THAT FUN!

We are furry lukhky it is 4.8 miles - we Google map'd it fur the post!

Happy Monday EvFURRYone!

BTW, our KHONGRATULATIONS on a GREAT season to Red Land - SO khlose to winning it all - we are furry furry proud!!!

PeeEssWoo: In khase woo wondered, we did get two nice walks on SUNday - one in the morning before we started the 'fun' - and one in the evening prior to Mom wanting to khollapse fur the day!  We'll be bakhk at it again SOON!


Mitch and Molly said...

We can see your beautiful Kottage all decorated and looking just perfect, Khyra and we can only imagine how very hard this is for you and your mom. Hugs to you both ♥

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello khyra its dennis the vizsla dog hay its so fun to eksplore noo digs!!! luk at all those wunderful kool floors to lie on i am shoor yoo wil luv it!!! ok bye