Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday Telling

 Some PF's - one from the morning -
 and two from the afternoon -

 Now some shots we have from a few weeks ago - I told Mom to use 'em and get them out of the folder - she's been khollekhting TOO many - I'm khonfused if we've shared them  - not shared them - etc - this was from when Fred khame to go out to dinner a few weeks ago -
 Some pup gets pretty excited when khompany khomes -

 Last night - and we didn't take a pikhtures - she was khwite excited to meet Fred's grandson Drew - and she let him know it by bark bark bark bark BARKING - although when they went to leave, Mom and Holly walked out - Holly jumped right in Fred's front Odyssey seat and let Drew pet her without a bark bark bark bark BARK -

 This is from last week - I took my ball to bed - akhtually, it is Holly's ball but I just LOVE it - and make evFURRYone laugh with how much I enjoy playing with it!

 I even tried to bring it on a walk one night -

 We just lounged a bit on Monday - we had a warm walk in the morning and a warmer one in the afternoon - 

 Another shot in the folder to use - Auntie Di took this of Antares - he is surely showing off his best Great Dane smile!
Mom had this one in her KhrakhkBerry - he's such a sweet goof! He really likes Holly too!

Happy Tuesday EvFURRYone!

Maybe I should spend some time looking at the pikhs we've used and NOT used to help tidy up things fur Mom!


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