Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday MOMLESSandMEandHERday

 Time fur a whole bunch of baby pikhtures - this was whilst Mom was enroute to The GKP - 6dawnsomething -

 Frog or falkhon?  Woo decide!

 Oh those wee wings!

 As woo might be able to tell, this pikh and the other PF ones are from The ThinkPad -

 I had The Doggy Nanny fire up The ThinkPad fur me so I khould khlean out some of the shots Mom had saved but hadn't let me share YET - 
 A few weeks ago, we went along with Mom ti BJ's and then on to Mission BBQ - we were behind this one at the light - 
 Then saw TWO Newf-mobiles at Mission BBQ -

 Mom decided to enlarge the Elantra so woo khould see the khuteness on the trunk - or boot as they say akhross The Pond!
 I guess Holly was watching out the window from her Holly Hideaway whilst Mom was at work - she stays up there -

 This was fur my furiend Indy - 
 I was showing Holly how to work Mom fur dinner - I let out one of my furry special 'barks' - I guess THAT is what khaught Holly's attention - 
It worked - WE WERE FED without having to take further measures!

Mom left after 610 or so - returned before 2pm - we got a walk shortly after she changed into more suitable attire - then we got another one after dinner - so all is furgiven - but don't tell her that YET!

Happy Monday EvFURRYone!



Gus said...

You can see how much those birdies are growing by the size of the MOUTHS!

gus n teka

Two French Bulldogs said...

So cute how they all line up for food
Lily & Edward