Sunday, July 6, 2014

SUNday Sharing

Akhtually FrEYEday evening
 I told Mom to take some pikhtures so we khould start our weekend as soon as she got home on Saturday 
 Less fur her DOH brain to have to worry about!

I look SOOOOO furry innocent ;-)

Happy SUNday EvFURRYone!

No transport today so she's all MINE!



Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

What would she do without you to organise her, Khyra?

It's raining and windy and nasty outside. This afternoon, we get Fernant for 10 days. I hope the weather improves for Camp Tommy!


Mitch and Molly said...

What great pictures of you, Khyra! Have a wonderful Sunday with your mom!

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

Wyatt said...

Yay for MOMday! It's the best day of the week!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Cute pictures Khyra. Enjoy your mum time

Angel Keisha said...

Extra snuggle time with Mom is awesome! :)

Sam said...

We hope you had a wonderful day.

Monty and Harlow

Jenna,Mark Drady said...

Hope you had a great day with mom!!
ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

Quinn and Angel brandi said...

Mommy LOVES your pictures! I mean YOUR pictures! You are so lovely! Hope your holiday weekend was fun with your mom!