Monday, July 1, 2013

Tuesday Telling

On a sad Monday afternoon
He's wearing the Silver Harness we Sibes get as part of our special journey North of The Rainbow Bridge - the trip that finds our furs wet with human tears - tears we take along to share with those from our family already romping in that special place - 

Mom and I have turned off our khomments - please paw words of support fur Thunder's special momster, dad, and little bi-peds - and most surely fur Phantom, Princess Ciara, and Lightning - 

As soon as Mom and I saw the sad news, Mom's headed started filling with words of how wrong it is - but sometimes love just ain't enough - but then she realized this is more appropriate - 

Maybe one of those Arizona heroes needed a Siberian to help his journey - 

Now bakhk to letting Mom hug me -

PeeEssWoo: We had Tuesday stuff to share but it just isn't right with the sadness we are feeling fur Angel Thunder and the grieving OP KS Pakhk - it khan wait - and I did post this at 4:28 Central Time - Thunder's Day - and now Thunder time