Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday Telling

 I think this is Lady PF
 And Lord PF - I say that fur Dad seemed to choose this spot to watch The Boys when they were still around
 Especially since The Lady PF is about 1/3 larger than The Lord PF
 From our Monday morning walk - I had Mom out on the street shortly after 9am - it was SO nice to be able to stroll again on a Monday morning!
 Then we had a khwiet afternoon

 Inkhluding a nap - but no other walks as the rains returned 
 I want to tell all of woo about my pal Oorvi - she and I have been pals fur like furever - at least from the early days of Khyra's Khorner - it is her MerKHury's humanpaw work that khreated the furry khool Siberian khlokhk woo see on my sidebar
 Hmmmm - I might have to try out those pillow things fur my chair!!!
Anyway, she has khonvinced her humans to channel their talents in a furry special way - the stooooopid ekhonomy has affekhted them all the way in India - from what Oorvi has pawed me, there have been some furry trying times - of khourse, I khould feel her pain as I've gotten to experience them here with my mom's situation

Please chekhk out their new website - and perhaps bekhome part of Oorvi's New World of Grouchy Gremlins!!!  I know I'm going to treat my iPAWd to something khool - purrrrrrhaps they khan khreate an app that will turn my iPAWd into an iPURRd 

If woo or your human are on Facebook, PLEASE like their page and spread the word like furfire!!!

Please tell Oorvi Khyra sent woo!

Happy Tuesday EvFURRYone!

PeeEssWoo: We've heard from Kharob and MARSHa's new furamilies - they are THRILLED - MARSHa has THREE human puppies - and we have asked fur pikhtures - of khourse, I'll make sure Mom shares 'em here!


Molly the Airedale said...

We just love that autumn tree on your Monday morning walkie, Khyra!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Gus said...

Teka is kind of scared of those Ghremlins, but she doesn't have an I pawd andyway.

we went to say hi.


Oorvi said...

Thanks Khyra:)I don't know how I lived away from all of you, all these months.

That picture of you snoozing is awesome. I wish Mercury was half as good at taking pictures, as your mom is...but a pup's got make do with what a pup has. Right?

Now, I've got to go supervise these two...they are putting up a billboard on our Facebook page - should be up in a couple of days.

Licks n wags,

Two French Bulldogs said...

That tree looks like a big gum drop
Benny & Lily

Tama-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette, Ollie said...

It's so nice to have your Mom home, isn't it Khyra?


BeadedTail said...

We're not ready for fall but we know you khan't wait until winter snow. Wish we could snuggle with you though! :) We're sorry your friend is affected by this economy. We went through that too with our Daddy's job moving to Texas but we didn't want to. We're glad to hear about the happy endings with the pups too!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Beautiful tree there, Khyra. Our colors are coming along too, but not as pretty as the Northeast per the Momster.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Homer said...

Princess Khyra, we don't get in these colour in Singapore but, we think yours look booth-ful.

I will hop over to Oorvi's site to say hello.

By love,


White Dog Blog said...

Glad your Mondays are back, Khyra! We love autumn...the colors...the smells...the tastes (it is stew season again woohoo)...and the warm cuddly naps!

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

You can come snuggle if you promise not to eat us, not even a nibble.